Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Piecing my dreams together...

I love baking. I just need a reason to bake. The gurgling of oven during the :"preheat". Arranging all the ingredients together..Thinking ways to cut down on calories. Trying to make it as healthy as possible. Sometimes not thinking about the butter, sugar, cream et al.
The aroma of cakes, The gooeyness of cookies, The glow of cocoa, The glaze of sugar, The whiteness of eggs, the blackness of Vanilla, The hint of rum .. I love it all
I have started documenting my recipes. Mind you, I just don't write recipes randomly.
Every recipe is tried and tested. It is customized to the perfection.
What goes in my black book is a long process.

Once I have truly owned the recipe it goes in my black book.

Why do I do all this? Well I want to pass on my legacy when I hang my boots for good.
A reminder of me. Yes, I can't deny the secret ambition of writing a book someday. Someday, far in to the future I want to write a cookbook/ Baking book and I want to lend my personal touch to it by sharing stories and all... 

I want my children and grandchildren to feel a sense of excitement while flipping through the pages. I want them to feel a part of the my story, my life.
I know it sounds romantic and implementing it would be tough but thats what we all do.. Try to set milestones and then actually set out to achieve them. This is my first milestone for the life ahead...
Yes, I have lots of plans and like everyone else I also dream of a lot of things and want to achieve them one at a time..

After dabbling in art and different types of art techniques I like watercolor sketching the best. I think I am going to explore a bit more in that area. 
I carried my sketchbook wherever I could and doodled whenever I could and I would like to continue this in the future..Today I ordered watercolor pans ( High Grade). It is so difficult to find the quality paints here in India but finally I managed.. Over a period of time I have grown fond of Urban Sketching and I will be exploring it more.
I think my back and forth travel between the two cities will be a rich experience.
I am quite excited about it. As usual I have set targets for me and will try my best to achieve them.

Talking about Poona, today a blog reader from Poona contacted me through This. She has been reading my blog for quite sometime and would like to meet me while I am there. I felt so happy. It feels good when I get to hear about this blogs readership. I don't know if I would be able to meet her but the idea is too thrilling... 

I think you will continue to hear my stories here..


  1. hey, do you have a good chocolate cake recipe to share? I want to bake one for an upcoming birthday :)

  2. Hey sweety ...
    I will share my fool proof recipe with you.. Mail me your I'd
    Mine is awasthi.shilpi@gmail.com

  3. know nothing bout cooking but all the best wishes that you achieve your milestone... can certainly identify with that :) ... and make it a point to meet that blogger, the high u'll get will be unmatched,personal experience(and do let me know if she's single... even if not ready to mingle :P )

  4. Oh My God!!! You are totally a flow chart pro! Goodness. You do your computer background proud. I remember the last chapter in computers that we had in Geometry class for some reason came with a flowchart like this. That is the first and only time I ever drew one. I wish you so much awesomeness in writing your book. Hope to hold it in my hands once done :-)