Tuesday, July 16, 2013

....new chapter, new stories...

Finally I am here to write some snippets from my life here..
I am in Poona and having a blast..

I landed here on Sunday night and was greeted with a light drizzle.. The weather was as perfect as it could be. I reached my hotel and was quite happy with it.
I love the lavish breakfast spreads here. It has become the highlight of my day. The new office is good and people are very warm. I think it has something to do with the weather. When the weather is bright everything looks beautiful. People are warm and happy. I am off cooking for a while and I am quite enjoying that.
Since I will be shuttling between the two cities I am very relaxed about being off from my cooking... It is a welcome break.
I always found Indians to be very touchy about food abroad. What I have realized is that it's not just abroad but the moment they step out of the house.
Their senstivity towards food can be quite irritating for someone like me who is ever ready to try out new things.  To my luck I have a bunch of them around me. I generally get annoyed with people when they make so much of a big deal about food and rituals when they are traveling. You don't travel if you have so many issues period. I sometimes pity them also for missing out on so much life because of their rigidity around their food habits and life in general... I just wish people were a little experimental with food and culture. Life becomes so much more interesting and rich.. Don't you think so?

I forgot to tell you about the gym.. The gym is nice.. It has all I need and I am happy. I couldn't have asked for more.. The music is good.. !! My day starts at 5:30 in the morning and by 8 I am at the breakfast table. I take full 40 minutes to enjoy my breakfast and coffee.. I plan for the day ahead and enjoy my peace and calm at the table.
I am looking forward to my first weekend here... I am very excited. I have my own "things to do" list..
It's been a good week so far.. I got to meet Jaimin after a full year.. We were in touch all this while and our friendship is probably stronger now. He is off to Germany and I was just in time to say Hello and Goodbye. I guess meeting a friend after this long is a different experience in itself.
You take your time to find the rhythm in the conversations and then you just pick up the notes from your last meeting and sing the song... We discussed about companionship and love. We also discussed why LOVE is just not enough. We are with the people we are not because of love but because of companionship.
I think it is very easy to love someone, fall in love, be crazy for someones love the hard part is the comfort level, the feeling of being at ease in someones presence, the acceptance of the grey areas..
(I have seen a case where the girls love was measured in terms of what gifts he received. - #MatrialisticLove)
Anyway, It was nice catching up with him. I realized that things haven't changed between us and it felt good!
It is an achievement!!

I am meeting another old friend sometime this week. We lost touch and when I my Poona assignment came through I took a shot in the dark. I mailed him asking if he was still around and Voila! We will be meeting for dinner soon. Last time we met back in 2009. Deepal was also with us. I guess I will be meeting Deepal pretty soon too... Yay!!! To all the friendships..

It is half past 10 and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I need to sleep now..
I will be back with my weekend stories/ weekday stories... 
Someone recently mentioned that I write about immaterial things..
@Someone: *Applause* for figuring out your life so perfectly. I am still trying to understand mine.
I come from a simple school of thought where nothing in nature is idle and purposeless. I see life and purpose in these "Small" things I write about. So this blog maybe a journal of all the immaterial things for you. It is life for me..! Thanks for your feedback



  1. Very well said about love and companionship. Hope you enjoy your time in Pune.

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  3. aaahhh.. I see my name here :) :)

    It was great meeting u dear ... hope to see u soon