Friday, July 5, 2013

... Friends and Friendships...

I am in a zone these days..
All of a sudden my social network has increased. There has been a significant spike in my "friendly" interactions.Well, it has been quite overwhelming because ever since I came back I decided to stay inert. Well I met a lot of folks here some nice, some not so nice but unique in their own way!
Na Na na .. I am not going to delve deeper in to their personalities.

I have started seeing the pattern now. Every once in a while I cut myself off from the real world..
I stay in my zone. It is me against the world but then I bounce back. I bounce back, get high on the social meter and then it tires me out to hell and the process repeats.

For now, I am dealing with the sudden increase in my social network. I don't know how many of the new people I meet/ interact with on a daily basis will end up becoming my best friends.. I really don't know! The other day I was talking to Gunj and we both agreed upon the fact that it is difficult to make friends. Forget about the convenience I guess its the age that has made us cynical..
Plus, when you are already surrounded with your people it is hard!

I am still friends with my people because we gave each other the required space. I should rather say that we respect each others space.When people didn't give me enough space I moved away. It made more sense to me. Talking about friends.. I had a nice, sweet and wonderful friend M back in Hyderabad. We connected quite a bit and then frequent travels took a toll on both of us or maybe it was my insanity.. We lost touch and after 3-4 years we again got in touch through Instagram.. and boy it is such a nice feeling.. I kind of feel sheepish.. but it feels nice.

I think with age I have changed my notions about friends and friendships multiple times. I have started hating clutter and I try to be organized with my friendships too.. However some friends will always fall in that grey area.. They are the ones with whom you are not in touch or sporadically in touch and yet you spend time thinking about them. Crazy isn't it? You plan to weed them out every now and then but one mail/ sms/ text from them and there goes your plan.

Everyone loses out steam every once in a while ( In my case, pretty often). That's the point where friends come in to the picture. They light you up.. They help you get back on your knees.. They help in building the fire again.. I am very lucky to have people like that.. Even when I wanted, they didn't let me get away, they didn't let me run. they didn't ask me any questions, they didn't question any of my excuses. When I didn't call.. They called, When I didn't mail.. They mailed, When I didn't text.. They did.. When I didn't smile.. They cracked jokes. They kept the momentum alive and I am grateful for all that..

My closest friends are far far away yet I never feel the distance. I rush to share the latest developments with Eby who is 10 hours behind me, Gunj who is 5 hours ahead of me, The friend in HK who is 2 hours ahead of me, The select few in Germany who are 3.5 hours behind me. Archana who is 2 hours ahead of me.. It is chaotic but I can't do without it. They keep me in check. I have MG here who keeps the momentum going. He blushes every time I tell him that he is my bestest friend and yet he is quick enough to point out that I am not his best friend. I pour my heart out to him. He never shies away from giving his razor sharp feedback. Yes, I value friends.. I have learnt their value the hard way..!!

I think I am finally in that phase where I am ready to accept new faces in life again... I don't know if I would be able to walk miles for them but I guess I will have to take that chance..


P.S: I guess it's a topic which deserves more time over a glass of wine  :)

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