Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking It Slowly, It's alright...

It has been pretty long since you and I chatted.. I hope you have taken enough time out for me today. Get your coffee because it's going to be long here..
I have written about my life and yet not about the core things in the last few posts.. Don't you agree? I posted about my thoughts on various issues but haven't written those random weekend posts about the things that I did... I would be honest with you tonight because it has been long.
I tried to write a couple of time in the last 14 days but couldn't...
Someone made me very conscious about my blog.. I realized that I was being perceived in a certain way.  So I maintained my distance but today I had an AHA moment where I realized that these blog posts are subjective. For all I know there might be 15 different perceptions about me( I once counted the number of readers. There are just 15 regular readers). So I decided to carry on with my blogging and let people form new perceptions...
Today I just wanted to write about my random baking, travel, living life etc etc.. Are you up for it?

On 26th of this month I completed another year of my professional life... My first job's DOJ was  26th of June. Do I feel ecstatic? I didn't even remember it until I got the appointment letter of my 2nd job on the same day( In this company the appointment letter is handed out after you spend a few Days,  Weeks with them.. I keep looking out to connect the dots and this was the perfect case..
It was just a coincidence and a nice one.. I smiled. To this date, I remember each and every detail of my first day of work so many years ago... I remember what I wore, I remember meeting Archana, Deepal and Areez. Funnily I remember their clothes as well ;).
The moment I got my appointment letter it was like one life completing the full circle.. Maybe, it was my mind telling me to move on and close the previous chapters...

More about work, I am traveling to Poona for a few Days, weeks,months (Maybe)..
Actually I will be shuttling between the two places for work in the coming months.. I will keep coming back and will head out again for my assignment. I have been to Poona many a times before but I will never forget my visit to Poona to meet Karan for the first time after making our relationship official.  I went there to meet Karan during the monsoons when we had just began dating while he was on an assignment there . Ah, it was so lovely. Ever since Poona reminds me of Fresh love, Rains, Lavish brunches and lots of bakeries.. On that cold rainy day I fell in love with someone, I fell in love with a small town and its bakeries.. It's got to be special what do you think?
Come to think of it, I have a thing for small towns.. They make me fall in love with them. I think I am not a city girl anymore... I will be living out of a suitcase in the coming months I guess that will make me miss my house  Home even more.

Enough about work.. Lets talk about the general things. I have decided to take things slowly. I am too hyperactive and I guess it tires me out. I am trying my best to be a little slow. Last night I had some friends over for dinner and when they left I wanted to clean EVERYTHING then and there. The thought of going off to sleep without cleaning was freaking me out. I really don't know what came over me and I decided to clean the next day. It was a big step for me..
And just when I thought I had nailed "taking things slowly" my hyperactiveness came in to play... Today It rained - hard and heavy while I was in the gym. On an impulse I decided to bake Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon bread to honor the weather. Meanwhile I got busy with the other things and got free pretty late. The logical thing would have been baking it the next day but I couldn't tame my hyperactiveness with my logic. I am here writing this post while the bread is rising and rising more and filling the house with the aroma of Cinnamon, Orange and Ginger - Deadly Combination!!

Before I put an end to this imaginary dialogue I just want to tell you that I am addicted to "Game of Thrones" these days.. I started watching it on MG's insistence and boy I am addicted. It has Dragons, castles, kings, queens, lords, knights, warriors, wars, tribals, fairytales, dead people and what not...
All this just makes me wonder and question the existence of all the elements. There are times when I am watching the show and impulsively I raise my hand to touch the castle walls inside the TV :)
I have a fascination for old architecture/ historical monuments. I love to touch and feel the texture of the wall. I feel like a part of the story. We all have our quirks.. ;).

I think it has been a long long long post.. I hope you enjoyed the conversation. My coffee is over.
It was nice pouring my heart here..


  1. I hv never got the chance to taste what you bake :(

  2. WHAT.. you remember what I wore.. !!!