Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh Life, It's bigger....

I have been following up this story these days. How can anyone belittle life so much? It continues to amaze me..There are problems everywhere.. Nobody gets it easy.
You don't get everything, you have to fight, sometimes accept, but you never give up.

I think committing suicide is stupid,cowardly and idiotic. The more stupid thing is threatening to commit suicide. How can anyone be so careless with life. How can anyone take life for granted.
Everyone goes through up's and down. We all faced demons at some point or the other.
We didn't take the easiest option of ending it all. We stayed put and fought for good or for worse.
Coming to my second point... Methinks, blaming someone for suicide is not correct. 
He was arrested. While I am not here to advocate his innocence. I just keep thinking why should someone be arrested for somebody who decided to end her life on her own terms. 
They have a term for it, Abetment. In my opinion shouldn't the Media be accused of abetment for the suicide of a twelve year old?  After all he was repeatedly watching the same news on the TV.. The media was just showing the Jiah Khan suicide story over and over again...

Where do you draw the line? We all have had difficult times.. We all have had difficult people, difficult situations.. 
You don't rush to end your life because they rejected you. You can't really blame someone for not loving you the way you wanted... eh? To each his own... !! 

I think it has become a serious post isn't it? It has just been playing on my mind again and again..
Her career was nowhere, she had aborted her child, the dude she wanted to be with didn;t feel the same way... I keep thinking had I been in her situation then what would have been my action/response/ reaction.. One thing is for sure I would not have committed the Suicide..
I love my life a little too much and I have kind of started believing in the one above me..!! 
I guess I am a little too tough!! It is not so easy to break me..! 

What would have been your reaction in her situation?

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