Monday, June 10, 2013

Goin' Home Tonight....

I have been pretty busy with Life lately and surprisingly I am quite enjoying it.
Yeah Yeah.. I know you are thinking that the initial few days are always fun
when you go back to the working mode..
Frankly, I like it when I am busy. I like it when I am mentally exhausted.
It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I feel useful. I feel a part of the larger picture.

When I was not working I used to keep myself busy with something or the other.
I don't do well when I am free with nothing to do!!
That's when I hit my panic button. No wonder I have decided to retire when I am 80.

The new company is nice. It is different. I knew about the company and their style of working. So there are no shocks. I think I will be okay or maybe not.
I guess if I can survive so many months of restlessness and joblessness then I can survive the other things too..!!

Life has been pretty hectic.. The house looks like "home" somewhat.
It is still bare in patches but I am loving it. The process of piecing the furniture together is tedious. It is quite stressful but the results are worth the effort
Every piece of furniture that arrives gives me a sense of accomplishment. A
sense of owning something.. I am sure it is really not a big deal for most of you.
Probably you don't feel the same when you buy something. I think all of you started young. For someone like me who didn't own anything until a few months ago ( Does Bakeware count?) the feeling is too exhilarating . I guess I am a slow kid..!
This setting up a house is taking all my energy. I have stopped thinking about shopping for myself ( Can you beat that?). All I ever think about is my home.
All the online websites I used to frequent have been replaced with the home furnishings websites. It is like having a baby. You want the best and why not after all it feels like home! Someday I will have beautiful babies too and I guess I will start fretting about them the same way I am fretting about my home..
For now this home is my baby so I guess I will be blabbering quite a bit over here until I get over it!!!


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