Thursday, May 30, 2013

La Dolce Vita... ? Maybe..

The shifting is over. What is left now is picking the pieces out of the boxes and completing the jig saw puzzle.
It has been a tiring week. I didn't get any time to go to the gym. My energy levels were low throughout the week. I had runny nose. And a bad throat which just didn't allow me to drink chilled water, even though it was 46 degrees outside ( Made me realize that I could survive drinking the water at room temperature)

They all say that relocation is hardest on the people who are left behind. Really?
I can debate on this topic endlessly. The people who move on are busy with the process of relocation but after relocating what hits them most is the process of fitting the pieces together.

Endless boxes. You open each box with care, you quickly go through the contents and suddenly your mind wanders in different directions..
You forget about the contents in the box and keep looking out for that tiny little thing which has some special meaning and you open another box for that.
Here goes all your systematic approach down the drain.

Eating meals is just another redundant exercise because if you are an OCD case like me you want to sort out EVERYTHING in one day!
The endless clothes, shoes and bags you take out with care and suddenly you hear metal rolling on the floor. You pick it up and you see a cent from your Germany days and you smile.

You want your first meal cooked at your new place to be grand and beautiful. That's how you plan to inaugurate your kitchen but you are too tired to cook anything and more importantly eat anything. Thus your first meal is khichdi with dahi...

You stare at the empty spaces and marvel at your ability to take steps and move on in life. Just in that moment you step on a souvenir from Croatia and you are again back in time. You keep swinging back and forth.

Your first piece of furniture arrives and it fills you in with hope and happiness. It is your possession and the feeling of owning something is great!!! You spend hours setting it, adjusting it and perfecting it.

You take out all the wall paintings you have been savouring for this day. You spend minutes discussing. In your head you had already visualised before even moving in. When the paintings are up, the walls look familiar again.

You have no clue what lies in the future. You don't know what cards you will play. Maybe you will pack up your bags in a few months and head out somewhere unknown. It doesn't matter the story has just started and it will unfold at its own pace.. You managed to start a new chapter and that's what matters. You murmur the most clich├ęd line in your head yet again.. " Live the moment"
The future is somewhere far.. For now this is home because it feels like one.


  1. In this World of uncertainty, Nobody knows where he may be tomorrow.
    we don't even know where we may get transferred in future.
    And, Life should always be moving whether it is pleasurable or no.
    as Dr Diwan Singh Kalepani says in his Punjabi poem:

    "Paani Vagde hi Rehan...
    Bagde Sohnde ne...
    Khodyan Sad de ne..."

  2. Well said!!! We all aspire to live the moment but how many of us actually end up doing that?
    Ahh but whatever .. La dolce vIta... Ain't it ?