Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just Another Day, Just Another Post...

How was it the first time you landed here?
Wrong question!

Actually I should begin by asking how you landed here?
The chances are:
**That You probably landed here through google while searching for a long lost song..
** I spilled my blogging secret over a couple of whiskeys/ Mai tai and gave you the link right away ( err again...One of the reasons why I have changed the URL).
You were too kind to visit this URL the next day and even more kind to visit this page now often.
** You are one of my own and you rush to declare my insanity after every blog post ( Trust me, Happens pretty often too)
** Others...

Let me ask the right question now.. How was it when you landed here?
You must have probably:
** Called it BS, **** and closed the browser and never visited this page again (  In that case you will never be able to read it -  Your loss).
** Called it BS, **** and other names and yet opened this page again by mistake ( God bless cookies... )
** Called it BS, ****  but identified with that one particular line and you stayed back..
** Probably you identified with all the weirdness and randomness of my world..

If you are a frequent visitor did you have any urge to read my old posts?  Did you ever feel like knowing how stupid I was in 2007? Did you ever feel like knowing about my past?
Do you ever feel tempted to scroll through my pictures below?

If you are a frequent visitor and yet never read this blog from post#1 then Hats Off to you..
Whenever I come across an interesting blog ( Does not imply that this blog is very interesting)  while surfing  I have this urge of starting from the start. I guess I get too involved. I just can't imagine not reading those initial posts. It is quite taxing though because its like reading a book... and in between you judge, form opinions and try to know the person better. I thought hard about this tendency and realized it was because I wanted to compare the other bloggers initial posts with mine. Someone once told me that writing is an evolution you get better at writing by writing more. The days when I randomly visit my old posts I feel horrified. May be, it is me being too critical of this blog!
I guess I should take it easy for a while and stop being so critical..

So, How was it the first time you landed here?


  1. when i first read your blog, I was somewhat having great pain. Was randomly searching for something on net that might reduce my pain.
    It was then I come across your blog and I read your latest post that time... that was:
    this totally matched my feelings and I was like, found someone who understand my feelings properly and
    I started following your blog regularly.

    After almost one year now, I can say that we have somewhat similar feelings. though I also wana write them in my blog but as being a lethargic person, my posts
    are always end up in my dreams.

  2. Unknown Anon: It feels so great to know that you were able to relate with my insanity...
    I was really happy after reading your comment. I hope you stay and grow old here!!