Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot And Cold

Scene #1: 45 degrees Celsius, I get out of the AC car right in to the arms of heatwave to get the "right" art framed.

Scene #2: 45 Degrees Celsius, I get out of the AC car to kiss the Sun and then get back in the car and drink ice cold water.

Scene #3: 46 Degrees Celsius, I am getting the cleaning done in the new house. Since I micromanage the household chores I end up spending more energy than required also I am inhaling dust instead of air..

Scene #4: I sense some discomfort in my nose.. I disregard it.

Scene #5: I am sneezing uncontrollably and in all likelihood I have cold.

I know what you are thinking. How can anyone have a runny nose when the weather outside is 46 degrees. Well in case you are new here then you probably don't know how I end up in the most unexpected situations.
I have backache, runny nose, cough and mild bouts of fever oh and I guess I forgot to tell ya I am shifting ( The project "Relocation")!!

The good thing is that bulk shifting part is almost over. Remember my Hyderabad days? Well the shifting of my Hyderabad stuff to the new house is over ** Relief**. Oh, In case you are wondering about my possessions..  The word stuff here is only for the kitchenware, baking ware and a Pouff.  I have to physically shift there although the mental shift is already over. It wasn't really a problem also. When I moved to this current house I didn't really take out my stuff from the suitcases also. It proved to be a good idea.

I realized something today that I am good with people. I am polite with people. I give them respect and I consider their job as important as mine. Today I got a lot of the stuff done in the new house on my own, courtesy my politeness. I think I am just becoming more patient with people and that really helped. It is a good sign isn't it? I have always been impatient with people. Very impatient. I don't have the patience to give things "time" to run their course as per me. It has been a simple thing so far.. Things either work or they don't. There's no point in waiting for people to change themselves inside out to make things work just for me.. So the whole philosophy transcended in to my general day to day interactions also..
Today when I got everything done patiently sitting at home it just felt like another feather in my cap...

Yesterday someone mentioned about a huge house expense that he has to take care of. Then we got to talking more about his expenses and then he asked my opinion about his expenses and all.. I decided to be honest with him and I told him that we should have these expenses from time to time. What's life without them. There would be no sense of achievement otherwise. A car loan, a house expense, house loan etc etc... These things help us in achieving milestones which is important. What's there to look forward to if you have everything in life? I guess it would make you just feel more miserable on the other hand at which point do you decide that you have everything in life? I guess the greed never lets us realize what all we have. Conflicting thoughts eh?

I am under medicines,very drowsy and it has been a long day!
So Excusez Moi et la Bon Nuit!!!
P.S: Ignore the mistakes.. I will fix them tomorrow. I am typing with my eyes closed at the moment.


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