Sunday, May 19, 2013

Disconnected Dots...

I have been slacking a lot lately. As always I have a lot of thoughts in my head but by the time I try to give them a shape I feel drained out.

Life is moving quick and fast at the moment. I haven't been sharing much here. I am quite excited these days. Every day is a new chapter in my storybook. Keep hanging here and I will share it all ( Woaah a very cheap trick to keep everyone hooked :). I learnt it from the TV serials).

I have decided to be bullety about my random thoughts.. Are you excited about my bullety post? Yay or Nay?

** Performing Arts Anyone?
 A couple of weekends ago MG proposed the idea of watching a play. I jumped in the air. I really feel that watching movies in India @Movie Halls is totally overrated. I would rather die of boredom than get ready, beat the traffic, buy an overpriced movie ticket, buy overpriced horrible calorie laden snacks. Oh I forgot to include the parking cost. Within 10 minutes you realize that you have made yet another mistake. Yeah I have changed a bit over a couple of years. I used to love going to the movies earlier. Anyway coming back to my play. It was simply fantastic. I saw this play. It was a laugh riot and loved it.

** What's age got to do with it?
I became quite pally pally with a girl in the gym. She is quite regular with her workouts too and pretty dedicated. We kind of clicked with each other.
After 3 months of bonding she got to know about my age.. :). It turned out I was 8 years older. We are quite regular with our catching up and I don't feel the age gap. I have another friend who is 8 years older and lives in another country. We are quite close to each other and have been great friends. We have supported each other and never felt the age gap..
Do you have great/best friends too with huge age gap? Does it work for you?
It works wonderfully for me. There is no competition and life is good...
( Touchwood)

** Retirement Plans?
Well I keep thinking about the right time to retire. I have made up my mind about not retiring ever in life!! At some point in life I would like to be a full time artist and a part time baker :) or may be full time both somewhere up in the hills.
I see that happening in the next 25 years. All I need in these 25 years is to get a retirement pad up and ready! So in the next 25 years if you don't hear me brag about my retirement then feel free to rub it in...

I think I should put an end to this post now. I know I really test your patience by posting such long ones... Well in case you haven't figured out so far let me tell you that I have always been quite a talker..!
Another post coming up soon...


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