Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bumpy Road..

I am a messy sleeper.. I love to keep my world besides me while sleeping..
My 10 inch netbook is always by my side when I go to sleep, I keep my current book and then an alternate book.. Just in case! My specs have also become a part of my treasure world.
Sometimes I keep my sketching book also at one arm distance away.

The problem with me is that I just can't switch off the lights and go to sleep. That would be perfectly sane isn't it? So just before my bed time I do a series of activities.. because I want to do all of them at once before sleeping!! I read for a while, browse other blogs, read again, sketch, play around with my phone.. et al. I also keep my hair clips right next to my pillow and I know there is no need. That's not the first thing that you do in the morning when you wake up but then I have different rules..

So last night as always I was reading lying down and then decided to surf the net for a while without getting up :). The netbook was at a 90 Deg angle and in no time the netbook came crashing on my head and I got a bump on my head. Oh hell yeah it was painful!
Later while trying to massage my bump I had a Deja Vu feeling.. I just couldn't stop smiling..!!
I bet I never told you about the most embarrassing moment of my life... did I?
Ok so here it goes..
6 years ago on a Friday evening, Karan and I were strolling in a mall. We were waiting for the clock to strike 6. Back then drinking at 6 wasn't my style. We used to enter 15 minutes before the happy hour deadline and since the bartender, manager and the whole staff knew us, they used to let us place 2 or sometimes 3 happy hour orders .. "Smart kids we were"
So while trying to kill time we were making plans for Saturday and I was lost in my own world.. I was checking out the latest collection on the mannequins. While walking... there was a bammmmm  and the  whole floor went silent.. (No exaggeration here!). I had walked right into the glass door and fell down. I had hit the door so hard unknowingly that I fell down and was dizzy.... and everyone was looking at me first and then Karan. To the outsiders it looked as if someone banged my head to the glass door. So Karan's hands instinctively went up in the air to gesture "Hey, I didn't do anything". Then when he gathered his bearings he tried to lift me up and he didn't stop laughing for the next one hour..
I had developed a huge bump red in color and the first thing that we did on reaching Firangi Paani was to ask for loads of ice. I bet the staff wanted to laugh at me too but they were too polite, customer service eh? I swear to you I just laughed and laughed that night and it hurt..!!

I still laugh at the whole episode every time I think about it.. The whole floor at that mall looking at me. It was really embarrassing. Every time I think about it I go red.
At that point I remember Karan convinced  me that I would forget the whole episode..
6 years later it is still crystal clear in my head... I still haven't forgotten about it.
Ah, it pains..


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