Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's rude to count people as you pass them. Out loud.

"Oh you have become too thin"
"Why do you workout?"
"You don't need to run anymore"
"What exactly do you eat??"
"What's your weight? Are you on a diet?"
"Why do you do weights? What if you get muscles like boys?"
"Are you eating any weight loss pills?"
"Why do you run?"

These are just some of the questions that I tackle everyday.. Some politely others not so politely.
Let me set the context here. After my rigorous workouts the results are too hard to ignore ( **Victory Lap**). I have worked like crazy. I have worked in the gym every single day.  I just wonder at my patience and hard work and how I have worked my way from being on the wrong side of 60's to be on the right side of 50's.. ( Yes, More than 10 Kilos).... Ok, that's enough about me. Let me just tell you something about my gym also. It is a regular gym nothing fancy but okay-ish (falls in my budget).
You can watch TV, Listen to the famous "hookah Bar" every 10 minutes or so.. You will find people of all age groups there. I am not very pally pally with anyone in particular except for a couple of girls.
There are a lot of aunties who are regulars. Most of them have literally seen me becoming thin..  So every time I am doing some exercise in their vicinity they bombard me with some of the above questions.

Well I get it, fitness doesn't come naturally to us. The "need" to go to the gym is only because of the need to lose weight. Even when I was fat, I was fit ( I was running 10k every now and then)..
Staying in shape is a little difficult also for us because of our eating habits, our food palette (Guys, for the nth time the Indian meal is mostly carbs dominated).
I chose fitness as a way of life back in 2006 and I decided to stick to it. Yes, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit in the last couple of years but I was never unfit..
Last year when I decided to undergo rigorous workouts it was mainly to achieve my fitness level back.
Now, having lost weight and after becoming thin again people somehow can't understand my continuance with the routine. They say .. " You are fit, why gym now?"or " You look so thin"..
I decided to be thin and I really wanted it. I think I look the best when I am thin.
Being thin is a choice that I made and I am loving it. People question me and sometimes lecture me also.. I couldn't care less..

Being fit is like a science experiment. You keep your C's and P's in place and things will fall your way.
There is nothing that can really go wrong.
I don't think I can ever live a life minus fitness.. I am at my best when I work out and when I am fit. So when I am at my best I can turn things around for me and for everyone around me..!!

I think last week I really experienced what they call a runners high. I have been running distances all these years and I thought I knew what it was until last week. For once I felt I was running in the air and my mind reached a state where no amount of weed/chemicals/ drugs could have taken me.
It was such a spiritual experience. I felt as if every single cell of my body was pushing me to run more and more. I felt as if someone had overpowered my mind and my body and was telling me to keep running. I was running a longish distance and was timing myself. It no longer felt important because I had reached a state where I just wanted to keep going on. I forgot all the discomfort that I was feeling during my first mile. Everything felt insignificant at that moment. I just had a couple of thoughts and they kept on coming back to me.. They are all disconnected thoughts. I couldn't connect the dots..
I kept on thinking about:

"So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive"
- Eye of The Tiger

And finally I couldn't stop thinking about the Phoenix.. 
It was my mind sending me some coded message which I am not able to figure out. I can't understand any of them except for The eye of the tiger part...

Any thoughts?
Fun Fact: The title of the post is an old adidas ad campaign. Loved it then. Love it now.. Didn't I tell you? I have strong brand preferences when it comes to sports. 

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  1. Inspirational. Need to get my fitness routine back on track.