Monday, April 8, 2013

General Randomness...

I have lots and lots and lots of thoughts. I have so many things I want to write about. I really don't know where to start.. As a certain someone would say .."Just go for it.." So what the heck.. Let me just write and I will again ponder towards the end about those ten thousand other things which I should have written.

*Disclaimer*  It is just a mish mash of things.. so close your browser if randomness is not your thing..

** I was in Amritsar for the weekend to attend a wedding. I would be lying here if I tell you that I was in Amritsar only for the wedding. It was a rush rush affair. I kind of wanted to visit the Golden temple again.. ( Last time I was there in 1998). This time it was different. Last time when I was there with the family we stayed over to see the sunrise which was just beautiful. There weren't so many people. This time it was crowded. People were pushing each other. There was chaos everywhere. People were there because of their beliefs/ religion/ spirituality and yet they had no patience. It felt as if it was just another business of their lives, another deadline, another milestone, another race.
I am really confused when it comes to religion.  I believe in certain things and my beliefs keep changing. I am not a mad fanatic and I am also not an atheist. I don't think it is cool to be an atheist. If you cant believe in any higher power then you can't expect people to believe in you either.

** I am really amazed the way people savor schadenfreude. Probably they think they are invincible. Everything changes in life.. Times change and the equations change. The beauty of life is that you can not predict it. So my friend watch out!! Mend your ways while you can...

** I am finally understanding the purpose of art. Yeah, I ain't no great one but I am getting better and better. I love painting. I love to paint my imagination as much as I love to paint the scenes from my memories.. It is just another way of expressing myself. It is therapeutic just like baking.
It helps me calm down. It helps me create things. It helps me in feel in control of things. I love the feeling..!!

** If you have been a reader of this blog for long the chances are you might say  *There she goes again* .. The topic of giving it back to the society, to the universe, to the nature..
I have found one tiny way to do it.. I am talking about Reuse/ Recycling here.
It minimizes wastage. It helps to reuse things, it helps in staying in touch with the creative side.
We belong to an era where everything is disposable and replaceable. We don't think twice before dumping things off. In the past few months I have realized how much wastage can be controlled by reusing things. I know this topic is worth a long post and I will write a loooongish post to show how I have recycled things in the last few months.

** Starting today I am on a shopping ban. I know it has become a fad for every blogger to go on these shopping bans. I decided to follow it seriously and religiously.
I don't need to shop and lets see for how long how I can stick to my ban. I think I have done a good job so far... It is just that I want to be frugal in my ways for a while..!!

** A friend mailed me last night with the sweetest text ever... "The word Just another day...makes me think of you and only you. It has become synonymous with you. Today when I wished someone on completing  his work anniversary he replied.. Relax it is just another day and I thought of you!.. It would be very difficult to forget you this way now.. You keep popping back in my mind time and again..Take care and we will see each other soon".

If you are still reading it then a big thank you for believing in my randomness :)
Before I sign out... I have been writing this to everyone lately and I tried to write a story also but you know me I am not so good with words..

Take every setback as an experience. Take it as a lesson. A part of life. It makes you richer, stronger and wiser. The glory is not being in a victim but standing back up and taking life head on.
A very wise man once told me .. " This too shall pass".. Of course I never believed him but here I am quoting him.. I am sure my time to rise and shine is just waiting just around the corner..

I have also learnt something very important yet again.
When you're up in life, your friends get to know who you are. When you're down in life, you get to know who your friends are!

So I guess I will keep doing my thing.. And all ye homies .. See you real soon!


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