Thursday, March 14, 2013


A friend of mine has a wonderful blog. Sadly it is private. It is by invitation only. Even though we have been friends for a while now I got his blog link very recently.  He writes wonderful stories and follows a pattern. All his stories are sad. They are about unrequited love, sad endings, love gone wrong etc etc..
I told him that his writing was beautiful but all of them were sad..  (read:depressing...)
To this he replied beautiful doesn't go well with happy. There is some glory in sadness..!
People only find beauty in sadness..  Well I have met so many like him. They love to victimize themselves. They think there is glory in being a victim. I somehow cannot agree with this line of thought.

I have written way too many depressing posts on this blog. When the chips are down I express it in words. Trust me on this I love to write when I am happy. As a kid I was taught to spread joy.
When I write about happy things I feel that somewhere you are smiling reading this and you are  happy for me. That's quite an incentive isn't it?
I don't do well when I write sad.. I am surly, sulking and bitter.. I had this great realization after reading his blog. He came across as a depressed person. I don't want to be judgmental about his choices but I am happy being less beautiful!

So talking about some "Happy" things. I am back to my running business. The weight training is still on but I have started running as well. Thanks to my weights training I have been running pretty well.
And yeah I am on a good diet. I measure my proteins, I count my carbs etc etc
So I guess all these factors helped me with my running. I am doing good and happy.
I had stopped long distance running for a while. I used to do short distances and then I read "Once a Runner". I must say it really helped me in getting back to my long distance running.. It is every bit inspiring. I am glad there are things in this world which make me really happy.There is something about it. I feel liberated. Running is so much more. It is not a workout it is a way of life. At least for me..  The place where I run there is a father- son duo and they come for running every single day. It is such a lovely sight seeing them running together.. There is so much chemistry, there is so much love.

I know I have been a little irregular here on blogville. I haven't been posting things in detail. I have been writing about the most unexpected things.  Partly because I have been busy doing the other things..
Remember I told you about picking up on my old hobbies again? Looking out for that perfect job. Also, I have started a new blog. This new blog has nothing to do with my life or my chronicles. It is related to my line of work. It was just something that I wanted to do ever since but never had any time( read: excuses). I am putting my energy and brain on to that new blog. My heart and soul lies here though.
I will share the link soon.

Before I sign out, while reading his blog something familiar came up ( A sad story I could relate to).
This time I had no bitterness no anger nothing. It was just a story I could relate to and I smiled. I was amazed the way I reacted. The sad story is behind me now. I was just light and happy.
Is it because I am happy again?
Fingers Crossed!!



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