Saturday, February 23, 2013

Talkin' 'bout my generation...

I was about ten when I got my first movie poster. It was so glossy and so larger than life that I fell for it. I looked at it for days altogether. I still remember that it was Amir Khans poster.
I clearly remember the first time we bought a car and how we all went for a ride. It almost felt like Diwali.  Oh and did I ever tell you about my first branded sneakers? I must have, I keep repeating things. I loved those shoes.. I used to dance on the song "Walk like an Egyptian" wearing those shoes. 
Walking would be an understatement.. I floated wearing those shoes. 
The first time I got my official pocket-money I was so thrilled. I recorded every transaction down to the last paisa that I spent. 
The first junk earrings that I wore .. I felt so liberated. 
I think if you identify with me on the things that I have mentioned then you are also a part of the elite group. That elite group was termed by my mother as "Rich Children Of Poor Parents".. Probably she just meant middle class children..
It feels like a lifetime ago.. Do I want to go back there? Most definitely.. YES!!!

I sometimes really wonder when I talk to the parents of my age group about their kids. The kids today 
are just different.. A couple of weeks ago I met a nice couple at someones party. They have a 2 year old and they proudly boasted about how their kid does not like to sit in a Maruti 800. 
His dad bought him his own iPad when he found that his kid was using his iPad. 
Yesterday I met an old friend who is slightly older than me we were chit chatting about her 4 year old. 
She told me that her girl has joined dance classes, basketball training, computer education ( I don't know the exact word)..She spends one fourth of their day on the road fighting the traffic in and out. I just couldn't help but wonder about that little girls hectic schedule. 
I felt pretty guilty also for having so much of free time at my disposal. 

Oh and don't even get me started on the fancy names...!!  What is wrong with parents these days. 
They keep such fancy names for their kids. Guys, the world is shrinking and is becoming global. The name is the most important part of ones identity. 
Tomorrow if your kid is surrounded by foreigners where they would find it difficult to pronounce his name... How would you feel?
Just imagine your kid would never be able to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks..!! What is wrong with single syllable names? I have one and I turned out to be just fine...!

My kids are not going to live any sheltered life. They will have to board the public bus with the same pride as their mothers BMW/ Audi or whatever. They will have to get down and get dirty. 
They might not top their class for not attending those special computer classes. They might lose out on that extra edge in their college essays. I guess they wouldn't miss much in the long run.. 
What is life without these experiences?  

May be I am just growing old and is not ready to accept these newsies generation....!!!


  1. hahahaha...this post made me smiled.I see this all the time, one year old playing on their own ipads :)

  2. @Priyanca: The times are changing.
    Every generation is far more advanced than the previous one.
    Yeah the iPad episode really psyched me out as well.
    I just wonder what our kids will demand...!!

  3. This is the technology effect and more over, parents too don't have much time for they just keep them busy with comp classes, music classes and blah blah.these kids will turn out to be robots in the long run.I strongly feel that initial 4-5 years of childhood are just fun.we should allow the kid whatever he wants to do. After that stage only, we should start his schooling, classesetc.even i strongly miss my childhood days , roaming about aimlessly in the streets, playing kid games etc.that is totally different fun !

  4. @Unknown Anonymous: Spot on!! Those were glory days.
    I quite miss that time. I can only pray for our kids !!!