Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feet of Clay

I am back from my trip to the mountains.
Ok, so this time I was off to my homeland.. Well not exactly :)

Those who know me are quite aware that I belong to this beautiful mountainous state of northern India.
The state - Uttaranchal is divided into two divisions. I was on the other side this time -  Garhwal.
As luck would have it..we carried torrential rain with us there. It rained and rained like crazy.
I don't think I can ever have smooth sailing holidays free of natural calamities. No, that is just not going to happen!

Don't worry I am not going to bore you with what I ate, what I did...or how I passed my time there..
The most important find / treasure / valuable thing from my trip is this..

I know what you are thinking...!! Well, it is also known as a Khukri.
I keep it under my mattress always. This typical knife is used in all three division - Garhwal, Kumaun and Nepal...  Since I am a Kumauni I should call it Dafya. This beauty is oxidized and carved and is very pretty. Another step in Self Defense :).

Talking about self defense, I am sad about what Oscar Pistorius did .. What is wrong with our heroes/icons these days. I saw a 40 seconds YouTube clip showing his race back in 2009 and I was impressed. I was mesmerized. He inspired me that day.  I have followed him since then and now it hurts. I never ever thought about the fallibility of our heroes.

You give everything. Your attention, commitment, support and then comes the shock.. The final step is the realization. You realize they are humans there is no "Us and Them". They are just one of us.. That's the most difficult part - coming to terms with the reality. When the dream is over. I am at a point in life where I keep looking out for things to inspire me. I want to feel inspired. I need things to believe in. These things really put me on a back foot. I really want to believe that he is innocent. I really want something miraculous to happen. May be I should just get real and forget about these heroes. May be that will save me from heartbreaks again and again...!

So many heroes, so many stories, so many legends and so many disappointments..
Another one bites the dust..


  1. Couldn't help but post a link to one of your old posts:

    Do you still believe in what you wrote?

  2. Mr Smarty Pants,
    Why don't you do your research for a change..?
    Lance Armstrong didnt confess his drug use/abuse till October 26 ( the day I posted it) .. After his confession things changed.
    I still admire him for his fight , his grit and his courage to come out clean but yes I am disappointed with his confession.
    Talking about courage you seem to have none of it so you might not understand.

    It is my blog I write what I believe in !! Take it or leave it.

  3. Wow. you just can't take criticism at all!

    And this, in fact, was not even criticism. Just asked you if you changed your belief after the turn of events.

    And talking of courage, I am happier not having the courage to lie and defend an unethical act I did! If that is the courage you admire!!

    That said, apologies for the commenting on your post. Was just trying for an exchange of ideas but it was not to be.