Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The winters are fading slowly. The days are becoming brighter. The days look much brighter now. The sepia-ness is out.. It is funny how 99% of my posts start with weather updates.
I am quite predictable. I am pretty sure you already know that by now.
I get very nostalgic in the month of February. There are so many memories, so many great stories, so many life changing stories, so many lessons learnt.. I just wonder how all these events/things/memories are packed together in the same month.. What are the odds?

I am sure you have heard all those stories..  I keep repeating things, you know..
I am sure you also remember that 2 years ago I met with an accident. Oh, yeah I pretty much bragged about it on this space. It turned out it wasn't so minor. It was horrible to look at.  I still remember it was so bad that I was out with a friend for dinner and he was quite embarrassed to be sitting on the same table. I looked like a perfect case of domestic violence and he got all the stares.
The power in my right eye (distance) has increased dramatically.
It all started in my Yoga class where I was trying to do some eye exercises and felt a sharp pain. It was my wake up call. I decided to get up and get it checked. I got a rude shock when the doctor asked me to close my left eye and then read from my right eye.. I was blind!! So yet again I am getting my glasses made. This time I have no option other than wearing them..
I am still sulking over the fact that I have to wear glasses. My eyes reject lenses.
I took 2 hours to select my glasses and I think I will stick to them. I will post up pictures....!! The geeky, nerdy version of me.

Coming back to the weather it is really getting hot and I am really getting restless. I am off to the mountains soon. Ah, mountains give me so much peace and calm. I don't see any snowstorm this time *Fingers Crossed*

So yeah it looks like that February will always be my month. I will always have stories and anecdotes. For sure, I will keep writing and bragging about them. I love to talk about all those things which make me sit up and think.. Good/Bad whatever..
Before I sign off I wanted to share a couple of things.. Remember how I am rediscovering myself..? This time I thought of sharing a few things.. I have got pretty hooked to painting.. and yeah I am "re-learning" a lot of things and it feels good. Learning things which I had forgotten about. I decided to make use of my joblessness. Most People spend their lives without any passions. They let the fire die. I decided to live my life a little through my creativity.. :). Oh, I feel like an artist just like my name.

Some of my latest works or should I call them my babies?

Paper Mache Bowl..

This one was hardest.. My first time on an easel

I am a romantic at heart!

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  1. Romantic... you??

    Guess you do not know yourself too well.

  2. @Anonymous : Romantic .. Who me?
    Never claimed any of it here.. Did I ?

  3. Maybe I misread your caption on the last painting. Or maybe you do not know your posts too.

  4. @Anon: Mera blog, Mera mood, meri Marzi..
    On second thoughts... May be I don't know my posts but at least I know my name.
    I don't take the easy way out ridiculing others on their blogs using 'Anons' as a crutch.

  5. Anonymous - Leaving scathing comments anonymously, clearly shows how you aren't qualified to talk about courage either.
    Do yourself a favour, take off your trousers, locate your balls, remove the shrink-wrap and use them. Not the shrink-wrap, your balls!

  6. whoa whoa whoa... from defensive to suddenly taking a shot! Hands down agree to "Mera blog, Mera mood, meri Marzi..". But Internet is a public place and I just expressed my opinion! Plucked a nerve there it seems. Apologies!

    Eby - Though I never talked about courage but you sure seem to have too much of it... How are you using it? I mean other than taking "named" shots using your "fabulous" command on the language, on something no one asked your opinion on? Bouncing balls are a problem I guess... Did you check if they didn't escape?

  7. Sorry sorry sorry.. forgot to add... "No hard feelings" :-)

  8. Ooh that reprimand really put me in my place, brrr!!
    Unlike yours, my opinion was actually sought!

    "named shots", "Did you check if they didn't escape?" - Evidently, your command of the language sucks!

  9. @Eby: we just got a new Smarty Pants :)

  10. Eby - your opinion on my comment was sought? by whom? Lil Miss Sunshine? You sure are a protector boy!

  11. I love the paintings! And february, Spring! Flowers. Winds. :)

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  13. power?? I need to see you now :P
    nice art :)
    share the pics of this trip.. i think it snowed again there.. its raining cats and dogs here!!

  14. @Tanny : Thanks Sweety.. Yeah its the weather also.. !! I love the air.

    @Eby: Thanks for being there! I love the fact that we have each others back. Smarty pants missed one tiny detail --- I am your protector girl.

    @Shreeja: Thanks for the compliment!!
    Well yeah it snowed there.. I bring snow everywhere Remember?
    Maybe, it is time to change my name from "Lil Miss Sunshine" to "Miss Snow Mountain"