Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Things no one tells you about...

I waited and waited long for this year to end. 2012 will figure on the low side in my life graph.
Every year I learn new things and I try to unlearn the useless stupid things... 2012 was no exception.
A lot happened this year too both personally and professionally. I think I did pretty good..!

The lessons learnt in 2012:
** I learnt driving (I just did a victory lap)
** The desired weight is always a kilo or two less than the ideal weight
** Only running does not help in losing weight.. The weight training is important
** I can do 6 sets ( 30 reps/ set) of squats with 20 kg dumb bells without any discomfort
** Being jobless is no indicator of your self worth
** The "convenience" makes/ breaks a good story
** Being strong is important both physically and mentally to survive in a city like Delhi
** Living life without any hobbies is living like robots
** Differentiating between friends and leeches(emotional, financial, social etc etc)
** Good friends don't need Facebook, Internet messaging. They can overcome any time zone, any      
     distance, any situation. No matter how you shut them out they always find a way to reach out
** To travel light and to handle relocations well
** I am really good at Papier Mache, Painting, Crafts and someday I will be an entrepreneur
** Winters in Europe are so romantic compared to the winters in Delhi
** I can survive without the chocolates
** I am bad at being calculative in life. I am bad at following the Life maps/ plans
** It is okay to have a couple of grey strands of hair
** People will always pass off handed remarks. Understanding the fact that these off handed remarks      
    reflect more on them than on me
**Sparkling water is the best drink in the world
**The only thing that I can do is to keep moving on in life. Things fall in place eventually

So I guess I am wiser now.. I was able to strike off most of the things from my bucket list.. Which is a big achievement. Hello, Applause Anyone?
There is just one important thing that I need to do.. I need to finish the final mile. So I will keep putting in my efforts.. That's the best that I can do! I know most of you who are regular here know what I am talking about. Those of you who don't? I will try to write more engaging posts in the future ;)
I will get better with time. I will.


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