Saturday, January 12, 2013

I like myself better when I am with you

It's been a while since I have written about my Friday Nights/ Saturday Nights/ Sunday Nights..
The weekends used to be so dear to me until a few months ago...!!!

Back to the present.. Curled up in a sofa, sipping on my green tea, enjoying the aftertaste of Thai food, listening to some good music and trying to think of the ways to make this post about one particular thing!!  Yes, I have lot's of threads of thoughts running in parallel in my head..

Last night I finished reading " Tuesdays with Morrie" . I haven't read anything like this before.
Tuesday’s with Morrie is a book by Mitch Albom about the last days of his old professor’s(Morrie) life.I never cried so much.. ( Ok, that's an exaggeration. Let me put it correctly). I never cried so much after reading a book( Does The Kite Runner count?). This book touched every inch of muscle in my body.
The book is about simple things in life. Things that we so conveniently ignore in our daily lives.. 
It touches a lot of issues of daily life and the toughest of them.. Death!
Well Death was just another lesson to be learnt, another lesson to be taught for the old professor. 
It talks about how he deals with his inevitable death by taking it straight on!

Some books tend to stay on with you for life. You keep thinking about them. The moment I finished it I wanted to read it more than ever. Some books strike a chord somewhere in your heart. Don't you think so? This book was the perfect example. I am going through a challenging phase and small things help to keep my morale high..
I keep looking out for inspiration sometimes in songs, articles, books.. This book taught me to create memories, enjoy and relish life and to cherish what you have.

I have to share a few quotes here.. I just can't resist any more..
"I give myself a good cry if I need it. But then I concentrate on the good things still in my life. I don't allow myself any more self-pity than that. A little each every morning, a few tears, and that's all"

"The big things - how we think, what we value - those you must choose yourself. You can't let anyone - or any society - determine those for you."

“We need to forgive ourselves. For all the things we didn't do. All the things we should have done. You can't get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened.”

If you trust me even a bit and take this blog seriously. I request you to read it. It won't take you more than a week to finish 207 pages.. Isn't it?? 
Try it and you won't be disappointed. I need to download the movie now( I suggest reading the book first..)

It is going to be a tough day in the gym tomorrow..!! I think I should get some sleep..
On second thoughts, may be I should stay awake and chill around with my green tea and watch a nice movie.. Just like the old days.

Talking about the old days there was a time when I used to shop at Abids for my books.
Feels like ages ago.. Life changes pretty fast. Well That gives me some hope for the future. The things will change eventually and I will be in a different phase of life..

Looking forward to it!
P.S : The title is a quote by Mitch Albom from Tuesday's with Morrie.. I just wanted you to know that.. Yes, I like myself better when I am with you through these blog entries.  I like it when you tell me about my posts .. When you find mistakes .. When you comment.. When you re-read my posts.. When you email me your comments.. When you appreciate my posts.. When you thrash my posts.. When you find them vague.. When you find them cryptic..When you find them stupid.. When you agree with them.. When you disagree with them.. When you ping me to tell me your reaction.. When you find them cliched. I like it and more importantly I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
I am looking forward to these reactions from you in the future.. Keep up the tradition..

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  1. One of my all time favourites!
    It's a gem, this book.