Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frustration and Contemplation - Part 2

A new day, A new year. There won't be any celebratory posts..!! India's brave heart is no more (Link). It was a grim Saturday morning last week.

I was in the gym early morning when I heard the news and I got goosebumps. I had so many questions just like the others. I didn't know what to do. It felt bad. It felt wrong. That's not how things were supposed to end?
I closed my eyes and sat in silence to pay tribute to her. There is a new wave of revolution. She united many of us in our fight against rapes/attacks/abuse/etc etc...
The place where I stay has a foot-over bridge close by and there is a huge banner with three words hanging from it .. "We Want Justice". This time it feels real. The intensity in the anger shines through. I wish the worse for those 6 accused and I wish the worse for every offender from the bottom of my heart.

In my lifetime I have come across many sadist pigs who typecasted women including me. They had their own rule booklet/standards to gauge women. I was talking to my friend and we discussed how these pigs never shy away from being judgmental. They show their double standards at every possible instance. If you wear skirts then it is a character issue which is certainly not applicable to their sisters. If you are outgoing then there is something wrong with the character while sending random facebook friend requests to girls is perfectly okay on their part. If you want different things you are labelled as a W****, they can at any time want different things without any questions. We were feeling so grateful that we weeded out such sadist pigs from our lives. I do pray and wish the worse for these pigs everyday. Call it our defense mechanism... The brain sends alarm signals the moment we see one now!

Delhi is still not safe and there have been more gang rapes after her case... Nothing seems to work here.
People have no respect. I am ashamed to be a part of this sick society. Humans are supposed to evolve for better but we are on a self destructive path.

You must be wondering whats the big deal.. Why is she going on and on about the safety and sickness. Why has she just been writing about it only..
It hurts, It makes me angry, It makes me sad, It makes me feel like a second class citizen in a country which is known for its oldest civilization.
Men wake up and respect women. Let them be a part of this society as much as you are..
Women - There is no glory in being a victim. Speak up.. Fight.. and Demand Justice..!


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  1. I share your frustrations and am deeply ashamed and saddened by the general lack of respect for women and human life in India.