Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frustration and Contemplation

I am outraged!
A girl fighting for her life for the past 2 days.. Raped, beaten and thrown from a public bus on the street..
Another new low for the Rape Capital of India? A girl gets raped every 22 minutes in India.

I will not give my opinion on this matter here.. I will just talk about my state of mind.
It feels sick to be in the rape capital of the country. There is a constant tension at the back of my mind while I am out. I am always on edge. I hate this sickness in our society. Every man on the street looks like an animal now. I have to think twice before leaving the house - Logistics? Purpose? Priority?
I feel like a second class citizen in my own country, my own city.
While driving I try my best to ignore the fellow drivers on the road. I get scared when the fellow drivers try to race around with me. Every stare bothers me. Every comment angers me.

There are multiple thoughts which cross my mind the moment I am about to step out of the house..
Am I dressed appropriately? How dark is it? How dark it will be by the time I come back? Is it really important to go out? Do I really need to go out?

I just feel ashamed to be a part of this city. I feel scared and I am shaken.
Someone I know made a very good point. He is a German who read the news and called me out of concern.. He couldn't believe that a girl gets raped every 22 minutes. He asked me if it was true or the statistics were made up. With a heavy heart I said yes. He asked me how it was possible..
"After all India worship cows. You call cow your goddess,  half your gods are women then how is it possible- A girl getting raped every 22 minutes" I was really speechless..

I want to be able to use the public transport without any difficulties. I want to enjoy the weather of my city.
I want to reclaim my streets, roads and flyovers. I want to go out with my friends without thinking twice about the logistics.. I want a lot more..!!


  1. day by day it is getting too scary to live in India. I am really shameful to be an Indian. It is not what it used to be. We had had a world class civilization. But see , where we have moved to, a rape country. India is not what it was known for worshiping goddesses. It is the time for the society to wake up and bring back the lost honour to the real beauty created by God

  2. Unknown Anon: I agree with you.. we are becoming worse by the day.
    Going out in the broad daylight is scary as well.. Incessant stares, comments and passes just make things worse.