Monday, December 17, 2012

Ah, not so nice...!!

Me: Sorry to hear about your breakup..
He: Yes I really loved her.. 
Me: Shit Happens..
He:Who knew she would turn out to be such a bitch..
Me: "Bitch", Hmm speaks a lot about your love for her.
He: She screwed me up and dumped me..
Me: Deal with it.. You were just not good enough!
He: What do you mean? am I a loser?
Me: What I mean is that you were not what she wanted and so she decided to move on
and From where I stand you look like a loser at the moment..
He: I think I should log out. I thought I was talking to a friend..

Well, this is no story.. I chatted with an ex-colleague of mine today and that's how our conversation was.
There is NO paraphrasing here.. I just copy pasted a small part of our conversation.
I am sick of people like him. They just make me want to throw up.. This is the second time I had this kind of conversation in my life and I hated it. He is the same person who earlier in the day sent an email with the link about the latest gang rape in the city and how he feels that the accused should be hanged. I hate these double standards and I hate these fits of armchair patriotism. I know his kind. They are all talk talk and talk.. 
They love to post articles with their "strong" reactions where in reality they can't even respect the girl they love. 
They also post articles on facebook about "My India" and how passionate they are . In reality they go to the lengths and breadths of doing unethical things to save a few bucks...

The rejections are so difficult to handle that people just forget to reason and start maligning the other party. Sometimes you are not good enough.. Can't you just deal with that fact ?
Just because some girl decided to move on from you makes her a "bitch" while you want the whole world to cry with you and say "awww"..  When do you plan on Growing up? Seriously? I think you still believe that you are 15. It is really time to break the bubble and to be a Man..!

Sometimes I just wish that things were simpler. I wish black was black and white was white. 
These days very little gets me annoyed. The age is catching up with me but still I feel like a warrior at times..!
I think I will come again and write about the good things.. Now is not the time.


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  1. Many times people breakup/move on not because their partner is not good enough but the dynamics of relationship or the person's expectations changed. The guy may not be classy but taking a rejection is never easy. He is just hurting and needs a little kindness.