Monday, December 10, 2012

A Life Of Its Own..

I have been really busy and hence was away from this space for quite a while.
I have not picked up a job as yet, so I decided to get busy with the things I wanted to do.. I am kind of revisiting my childhood. Things are really keeping me busy. In between I wrote a couple of posts but they are still in my drafts.. Today when I re-read those posts I just didn't want to post them. They were written in a particular mood and today when I read them with a balanced mind it didn't quite feel alright.

I have picked up crafts again and don't worry this post won't turn in to a craft tutorial ( I promise!!)..
I am just busy recycling things. I have been playing around with the art of Papier Mache and I am now just getting it right ( All thanks to Goonj!!). It is so amazing unleashing your creativity and it feels really good.
I started with a lot of projects and so far I am doing pretty good.

As a kid I was quite fond of crafts and I had a few shops in particular from where I used to pick up my supplies ( 10 years back). I went back to all those shops looking for the raw materials and found the same staff along with some new guys. What caught me off guard was when they recognized me as well. They all looked the same apart from their grey hair and a bulge here or there.. I went back in time. It was like my life completing the circle. I kept on thinking about them and I was curious to know what they did in the last 10 years.. Now, as I am writing this post I have mixed feelings. On one hand I feel that they didn't move an inch and have been doing the same things for a gazillion years and on the other hand I feel that they are happy. They have experienced life from a different perspective.. Meeting new people everyday, Greeting the old ones and recognizing the long lost ones.. Forming opinions sitting behind the counter.
Would I have been happy with such a set up? No.. So what if I don't have a job and the other things are not so perfect. I have learnt a lot, things that I would have never learnt otherwise!! I have achieved a lot as per my own definitions and I am so far okay with that.

Coming back to my life.. I have been busy attending social gatherings, visiting places and gymming..
I have been living a very disciplined life of late. Currently I am in to weights training, cardio, Yoga classes and my daily 5 KM walks. This time it is not really about losing weight. I have already lost 7-8 Kilos and the muscles are quite toned up ( Touchwood) . I just feel happy, motivated and focused.. I remember the days back in 2006 when I was totally in to gymming and was very happy.. ( Most of you who have read this blog know my reasons also.. :))

The winters are here and so are the colors and life.. The cozy feeling of blankets and pullovers is amazing.
I love everything about the winters.. even the winter vegetables.. :).

I think I will get back to my Papier mache and my coffee. I want to post some pictures but today I am too lazy. Another Day, Another Time.. I promise!



  1. Glad I could help :)

    n I had a similar experience of meeting the same old shopkeepers in the same old markets on my last trip home. It just feels very strange - those people might have moved on in life , but their images are stuck somewhere in my childhood and no matter what I or they do, it'll be hard for me to think of them as anyone else, people with lives as real as - maybe my own parents/relatives' lives which I know for sure changed a lot over the years. I don't know what I'm saying anymore so I'll stop :P

  2. Sounds like winter vacations, lucky you, most people crave for such time but don't get it. :D

    If am not mistaken you used to paint na, how's that going? :)