Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Sound Of Music..

I was just wondering how our minds work differently.
A song with 12 lines will mean 12 different things to people. The meaning changes from person to person..
There are songs that I put on repeat and then feel like a winner on discovering something new about it..
Sometimes I listen to the different versions of the same song.. Covered by different bands in different decades and wonder which one is better. Sometimes I get stuck with a particular word in the song and keep thinking about it. Sometimes when I write gibberish I try to give it a tune in my head.. !! Yes, I do identify with songs every now and then and wonder about my life. The best part is when that perfect song comes up on the radio... Something which speaks your heart out loud, something that makes you scream and sing loudly, something that lets you picturize the situation.Yes I love those moments..! 

There are times when I like songs mainly because of the story in the background. 
I think the romanticism of having a powerful story behind a song makes it even more charming. No matter how sad the story is it makes the song powerful. My love for music is well known on this blog.. I enjoy different types of genres of music except probably for Hip-Hop/Rap..Oh, sometimes the lyrics get stuck in my head and I keep repeating them in my head... Yeah, music drives me crazy!! 

I really enjoy how every situation in Hindi movies is backed by a song. All the important emotions are conveyed through songs except for the Item Numbers. I just consider them as fillers.
I just wish real life was like that.. A song for every important situation. Life would have been a lot less complicated and a little more musical. There wouldn't have been any regrets because of the slight slip of the tongue.. Our lives would have been so colorful and so meaningful..! 

Music has come to my rescue during my distress, Music became my friend in loneliness, Music multiplied my happiness...More importantly it gave me a lot of ideas..! The ideas which would be difficult to explain here for they are too personal and more importantly would be difficult to pen them down in words.

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend who read my blog post. He also googled this song and in his words.. " Oh shit man, She sounds exactly like you... I hope its not you singing that song for your man"
My reply was "Well I thought she sang that song for her kid / baby.. "
He: No way that's for her Dude..
Me: Oh, I never thought that way .. I always thought it was for her child..
Well! There you go...!! same 12 lines but 2 different meanings..!! It is funny how our meanings changed!
Didn't I tell you..? We misinterpret songs all the time..

Someday I will write beautiful songs.. The songs with real meanings.. The songs with real emotions.. The songs about happiness, bitterness, loneliness, love, despair, hope etc.. etc..
And people will write blogposts on those songs and how they find my songs meaningful..!! All you will do is remember about this blogpost...

This will all happen in good time..! Stay Here and Watch! Oh wait a minute I have a funny feeling that you have read the exact same post on this blog before about how music change lives..! 
Well, yeah I do have a tendency to repeat things... That's one of my problems !

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  1. Lovely post, and I hope you do write the songs and I promise I will be writing a blogpost on it :-)