Monday, October 8, 2012

The Shade Of Winter..

The clock is ticking..
There are leaves everywhere. Some pale, some dried , greeting the wind by rustling and fluttering..
The evenings are misty. The street lights makes it look even more beautiful. There is a slight chill in the air which makes you feel so fresh..! There is a paleness in the scenery in the evenings..

The thin, summary dresses are getting tucked deep in the suitcase somewhere. The corduroys, light jackets are slowly surfacing in the cupboard. The ceiling fan is under a constant control..
The afternoons are behaving better. The brightness does not bother anymore. The sunlight feels good on the skin. I like sitting out and drinking my black coffee in the afternoon.

Yes, the clock is ticking.
The winter is standing at the doorstep waiting to take the center stage. After 6 years I will be spending my first winter in Delhi.. Well I love Dilli during winters. The city gets really charming . Everyone becomes laid back  Very soon the marriage season will start, more festivities and more food..!!!

I am looking forward to the days of colorful woolen clothes,  the season of oranges, The days when a peg of rum or even hot milk can fix up anything in the world, The lazy mornings and super slow evenings.
The foggy days and chilly nights.

I know I have really beautified the winters here. In all honesty you might not even agree with this post but seriously what the hell..
Yes, I am looking forward to the winters and I am waiting with my arms wide open..!
Before you close this browser let me say Bye to you..

Here is to a better season and a better start!
I will be back soon.. I am already on my second post..( I started writing two posts simultaneously..)


  1. So true... Delhi is at it's best in the winter :)

  2. Dilli is sooo yummy in winters!! I'm also gonna miss the diwali + mithai here :( Have loads of fun!

  3. your blog explains Delhi winter's so nicely.. ppl can fall in love with these winters.. sadly last week I met a guy who hates winters in Delhi.. I was so against his thoughts..!!