Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm ahead, I'm a man, I'm the first mammal to wear pants

Disclaimer: The title of the post is dedicated to all the Smarty Pants in this world.. 
** Just counting all the names mentally.. **

Hello Fellow City Dweller,

You probably don't know me. Our paths crossed several times but you never noticed me. I noticed you every single time. I made a note of all your appearances. What, you don't believe me? Then just read on..

I was enjoying my coffee out in the open when I heard your voice for the first time. There are hardly any places in Delhi where you can enjoy a quite cup of coffee in an outdoor seating. So I was having my quiet post dinner coffee when I heard your voice. You were sitting behind me with all your jing bang and you were too loud to ignore.
I heard everything that you talked about, be it about the amount always present in your cupboard locker or your latest cool phone... Your voice was so shrill. I hate boys with shrill voice. I find them clingy, annoying and whiny. I like men who talk softly.. A soft voice with firmness.  
Anyway, because of your annoying voice I couldn't continue talking.. I kept on turning my back to give you that look to drop you hints to slow down.. Well you didn't care but you looked familiar.. Oh you are the same manic driver whose daddy gifted him a shiny new car.
You have overtaken me on roads several times - from the wrong side of course.. The rules don't apply to the rich and mighty. I remember how you gave me a smirk when I stopped at the red light.. You followed me for a while and then with full force you raced. Yes, you are quite talented behind the wheels may be that's why you don't care for the fellow drivers. 

I keep seeing you often. You armed with all your antics in different forms.
I clearly remember what a nuisance you were in the movie hall.. Passing your stupid comments loud and clear just because you didn't like Halle Berry. Oh I remember you also didn't understand the name of the movie.. ( Cloud Atlas). Instead of quietly going out of the movie hall you decided to sit there and pass your precious comments.

 How can I forget the time when you broke the queue. Probably your coffee was more important than mine.

Time and again you tried to make me feel less important and when I refused to play by your rules we fought. Let's try to find a common ground. A place where we can coexist. A place where there is respect between the strangers.

Let's make Delhi a better place!
Your's Sincerely..
A lost Soul

For lost souls like me.. Read my URL again.  I finally bought my own domain. The Internet is a wonderful thing and Internet and credit cards are best friends. A compulsive decision and 20 minutes later I had my own domain. The idea was to create my own website. I spent 48 hours fighting and  figuring things out and I finally I had to redirect my old page to this. So much for studying engineering (That too Computers!!!).
The news is you will see a revamped website with all the cool stuff in it soon.. !! Just hold on to this space for a while.
I can't stop clicking on my old link. It reminds me one more item struck off from my bucket list ( Half Technically.. Revamping is the other half)

Joblessness and Internet is a wonderful combination. There is so much out there.. So I am just trying to know more, do more and live a little more.. This is the first attempt ( With many more in the pipeline..)

Till we meet again..

P.S About the driving part referred earlier in the post... I am a Certified Driver !!!!! I have a permanent License.Something that I thought I could never do..!!

P.S1 I have another post sitting prettily in drafts.. It will be up soon. Hopefully the site will be up too  in a new avatar..!


  1. This is awesome stuff Shilps!!!! Love your new URL and can't wait to see the new site :D

  2. Congratulations for the url as well as the license! :D