Tuesday, October 9, 2012

If I Keep Holding Out, .. Will The Light Shine Through?

I have been in Delhi for 2 months now. I realized that I didn't crib about the weather even once. I didn't complain about the Autowallahs. I didn't discuss the Delhi traffic even once.
I didn't do any of those things that Dilliwallahs invariably do..
A couple of days ago I decided to step out of the house during the peak afternoon hours. I took an auto and haggled for the rate for almost 10 minutes. The autowallah was chatty and was really concerned about the current political state of the country..!
Hey!! Before you make a face and say .. " So, what's the big deal..?". I just want to tell you that I wanted to  do those things like a normal dilliwallah. Yes, I wanted to crib about it all.
 I met Tanny for coffee at South Ex. Well those of you who have been here for a while must have seen her comments in most of the posts. Who is she..? She is a friend / like a little sister/ a distant relative/ a fellow blogger and a lot more.
On the social scale I am somewhere near the horizontal axis. I don't have many friends. Yes, I weeded out a lot of people from my life. No Regrets! If you met me now you probably wouldn't like to meet me again.
More than that I am just becoming an animal of convenience.. Aren't we all? We talk to each other when convenient( Oh did I say talk ? Sorry - We ping each other) . If there is no pressing need then it is not important to talk period. We keep trying to update each other with our lives yet we feel on different tracks.
I hate this convenient arrangement esp when it becomes the way of life with the closed ones..
I never thought I was one of them but maybe all this laziness is getting on to me..!

Talking about my laziness for what's worth I got my learners driving license made. Baby Steps.. I know..!!
I never thought I could learn driving but it wasn't about what I "could/ could not" do .. It was about being independent. It wasn't about my state of panic behind the wheels in the crazy traffic anymore, It wasn't about the brats overtaking my car. This time my eagerness to learn was purely out of need than interest.
So yes you can expect a few nasty, ranting posts about the traffic in the near future.

Why do I have a feeling that you have had enough of my yapping..!
I think it is time to sign off..
P.S:  This is the other post which I mentioned in my last post..
P.P.S: Someone mentioned that I have changed my writing style and it wasn't about the post titles.. Thanks for being so observant..!! It keeps me going

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  1. Yayie!

    Feels good to read my mention here. Bought a smile to me after a long tiring day! :)