Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello November....

So my space is all dressed up now.. What's next?
Actually I am not yet done here. I spent 2 hours changing the html code.. I switched between html and css endlessly. It was a real pain doing the modifications again and again and at this point I am quite embarrassed to remind you that I am an IT engineer.. There are still a few things that I want to change and working on them. Frankly this is my only achievement in the last couple of months except for the driving license. Yes, you might debate on calling this as an achievement but from where I stand it looks like a big one.

All this while when I was modifying the HTML's I thought the real test would be to put content on this page. Mainly because of the content. I was prepared to get all emotional to write a cliched post on how I am trying to figure "me" out, surprisingly I took exactly 10 minutes to write the whole damn thing about me.

That whole thing really got me thinking may be I am not so complex as I used to think I was . There are still things about me which I don't understand or say haven't figured out. These things have simply stopped becoming a big deal for me now. I ended up talking to a couple of people almost in their 40's who don't have the foggiest idea about who they were and were still trying hard to figure things. May be it is just another phase for me. Right now I am just trying to enjoy it as much as I can. 

Something really strange happened. While writing about me I was just wondering how X,Y,Z would have written about me.. ( X,Y,Z - People I am no longer associated with or people with whom things are strained..) I just jotted down a couple of sentences against the respective names. There was a twinge in my heart on reading all the points and then I was all okay. I deleted the list. I am really proud of the way I have handled these things in the last one year. Things change all the time and X,Y,Z might become an important part of my life sometime in the future. I will then think about this time and will feel very proud..!!

I feel happy today. Nothing great and Yeah I still don't have a job!! I am just happy with all the nothingness around me! The evenings are foggy and there is a chill in the air. The weather change came with all its friends and I have a throat infection but I am still happy. Each season brings new excitement and I am sure that's another reason for my happiness ..
November is here and I am off to Kashmir in another 2 weeks.. (Finally). The idea of ending up in a beautiful place with so much history is already giving me a lot of excitement. My phone will not work there..( Prepaid Connections don't work). I hope the feeling stays on!!

I am happy and I am dancing..!

Sometimes I am just curious to know if you actually read such long posts?
I guess you will see me here every other day now. You will see a lot of changes in the coming days..
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  1. I love, love, love this new layout and design! :D

    And Kashmir! Now Is it sexy, or is it sexy? ;)
    Waaow, am sure it will be a lovely trip.

  2. i always read the whole thing :)

  3. I do the entire post :)

  4. @Tanny : Thank you so much :). Yeah quite excited about it at the moment.

    @Gunj: Thanks Babe.. That keeps me going!

    @Priyanca: Thanks.. Means a lot!