Monday, October 15, 2012

Hearts and Thoughts They Fade... Fade Away

I was chatting with someone when the topic of retirement came up.
He like most of the kids from our generation ( and from the previous generation) romanticize the idea of retiring at 40 and then indulging in his hobbies..
Yes, he is at a point in his life where he is taking home bucket loads of money every month end. He doesn't have any major loans to worry about. Let's say life is good for him at the moment!

Unlike my peers I don't fancy the idea of retiring at 40/45/50/55/60/65..It is too absurd for my liking.
I want to keep going and keep working. It is not just about the money..Yes, I might slow down a bit but STOP never! It is about achieving something every day. It is about being a part of the bigger picture. I believe at 40 my decisions will mean more to the company/ people. I know I have my own romantic notions but I am happy.. I will not hang my boots anytime soon!
Come to think of it I have already written about it before.. Does it count as plagiarism?

Isn't it ironical that I am making these claims of keep going and keep working when I am unemployed at the moment.

When I retire it will be somewhere in the mountains. Dressing up everyday to Play Bridge/ Poker/ Scrabble  Reading books. Being an old nagging wife. Long walks - Frequent travel.. Yeah right now this future picture looks beautiful. Well you never know.. I might change my mind and add Tambola too to the list :)

I have harbored such romantic notions from time to time.. At some point I wanted to retire and open a school and write children novels. Eventually the school was first replaced by a library followed by a coffee shop. I think you entertain these thoughts and then eventually you grow up and re-evaluate your options and update your plans. For what's worth I am still quite strong on having my own coffee shop and the only aim in life post retirement is to figure in those travel guides "must do" lists.. Not commercial but one of its kind..!! I am sure a lot of you have the same dream.

So if someday far in to the future you see an old lady with silver white hair dressed up playing tambola in a club or if you see a coffee shop somewhere up in the hills. A coffee shop with dark brown furniture, beautiful music and fresh baked goodies owned by a fit old lady with silver hair.. Do come in and say hello! If you will mention this blog to her your coffee will be on the house.
I know my friend Eby is planning to take full advantage of this fact..!!

I am sure someday I will link this post to one of my future posts and will write about my successes / failures..
Have you noticed the pattern? It is too repetitive to ignore!

I hope it is a success for failures are really hard to take.. I am not too good with them I realized. I don't want to bore you with all these unhappy details... Yes a few things happened here and there which left me a little shocked. Oh, please spare me from your moral lecture on tough times  " On how times change and keeping the hope alive..." .. I know there will be a tomorrow for now it doesn't look too promising...

I didn't want to make this post about my successes/failures.. I still managed to add a few lines though!
Before I whine and grunt more let me sign off gracefully..



  1. Will there be cake along with coffee on the house? If yes, then I'm willing to sing, yes sing, long elaborate praise of the "fit evergreen lady"!

  2. Well you have to pay for the cake..except if you are willing to work for the fit evergreen lady :)

  3. Done!! Bouncer services offered for free cake!

  4. Life's all about re-inventing yourself! Look forward to all the exciting things you'll do in the future :)

  5. tasks are always keep on coming your way until you die. as it is a famous saying in punjabi:

    "Mukda tan banda hunda, kam v kade mukke aa"

    means: people die, but tasks never.

    So there is no point in retirement.:)

  6. Eby: The Job is yours.. Agreed :)
    Gunj: Yeah I get inspired by people like you in my life.. :)

    Unknown: Spot on! Couldn't have phrased it better than this.