Thursday, October 25, 2012

For he still smiles... and he's still strong...

It hurts when your heroes fail.
Somewhere you feel defeated. The last 10 days saw the fall of two legends. Both of them larger than life in their own worlds.
It was a painful moment for me to see the fall of Lance Armstrong and like me the whole Rajat Gupta episode must have been painful for some of you.

While studying there was a point in time where I was a little sapped. A friend of mine then suggested me to read "It's Not About The Bike". I was floored. I was happy. I had found a hero that day. I googled a lot about him after reading that book. He was my motivation. He was the Super hero!!  10 years later people are criticizing him, passing around jokes  and more importantly they don't believe in him anymore. I hate the fickle minded public adoration. For me he will always be a super hero no matter what.

Yes, it is difficult to see your heroes fail. You invest your time, energy and emotions, after all. You feel happy when they succeed and their failure become your disappointment.
For me, it doesn't matter what Lance did (or rather did not) do. He became my hero because he fought Cancer and was a winner and he won 7 tour de France titles. Well winning 7 titles and coming out clean in every test has to count for something. Just some rounds of injection cannot make you win "7 titles". Don't forget the hours of practice and dedication. As per Gladwell 10,000 hours of practice makes a man an expert. He dedicated his life to being one. People can criticize him for all they think he did. For me, he is a hero and will always be one with / without the "enhancers".. He gave hope to people, he motivated them to fight hard against the unfavorable circumstances, he is a tough one and someday things will be sorted.
People will again start believing in him. He will be a super hero for them again. I will that day post again and will ridicule such people endlessly. I will be harsh and will write mean things for such "media driven" fans. I will also link this post back. ( I feel like a time traveler right now.. :))

"This is my body, and I can do whatever I want to it. I can push it; Study it; Tweak it; Listen to it. Everybody wants to know what I am on. What am I on? I am on my bike busting my ass six hours a day; What are YOU on?"
- Lance Armstrong to an "annoying" reporter

 It really feels good to know that I still believe in things.
Time to sign off..
P.S: There is another post I was trying to write in parallel to this one. I will post that one soon.


  1. Brilliant post. I am great fan of Lance Armstrong too. I think he is a legend and no matter what he did he will still remain a champion.

  2. Thank you for writing this and make me feel a little less alone in still wanting to believe in Lance Armstrong.

    I read his autobiographies in school X or XIth standard I guess. For me his spirit is the hero! All I hope is that his silence is coming from a place of dignity. And if it is from a place of deceit I will still believe in him, for real heros with their own character flaws have become more believable for me than larger than life ones.

    I may sound cary, but then it doesn't matter. I know who I believe in and why. :)

    P.S. -This is quite a long comment. :P

  3. @Prat: I agree.. Well and I would also like to add that he has been very graceful about the whole situation.

    @Tanny: Spot On.. One day he will prove himself innocent.. and all the disgruntled fan will be back supporting him.. Stupid World!