Sunday, October 21, 2012

But Still Something's Missing.. I Cannot Say..

So the King of Romance is no more. He is off to a hopefully better place. Yes, I have always been a fan of his movies and him also. It is a sad day for Bollywood and for me. Yash Chopra died at the age of 80..
He died in his boots (If you know what I mean..). A life well lived. A life full of achievements.
Thank god I am not on Facebook to see those pathetic and lame RIP status messages.

The Hindi Movies for me are just about imagination, finery, grandeur, gloss, being larger than life..
And yes he was the Man .. He gave me this idea about movies.
I still remember I was in my 7th Standard when I went to watch DDLJ with my mother and my aunts. This was my first Hindi commercial movie in a theater with my parents ( Does Jurrasic Park count?).
The romance was so picture perfect.. It was like a fairytale. I just couldn't get over it. In the same year I went on a trip to Madhya Pradesh (Panchmarhi) and throughout the journey I was just listening to the DDLJ songs on my friends Sony Walkman which I borrowed for the trip.  I can't even remember how many times did I practice the towel song. It is still my favorite movie along with Lamhe ( Which I believe was unconventional in its time..). I have so many memories of my own purely because of his movies.

The songs in his movies have been so beautiful and meaningful.. The other day a German friend of mine asked me about my favorite Hindi Song.. Without even thinking twice I said.. "Main pal do pal ka shayar"
(I had seen Kabhi Kabhi earlier that week... so the song was on my lips..)
He asked me what it meant and this was my version..

"I am a poet who is here for a moment. Eventually I will fade like the others who were there before me..They were a story for a moment in time , I too am a story for a moment.. Tomorrow I will depart from you but today I am your part.. "

I wouldn't say he changed my life and its meaning through his films. All I am trying to say here is that he gave me the image of an ideal world in his movies. The world where endings are always right. The world where there is just love and more love. The world where situations/ emotions are portrayed so perfectly through songs.
Yes, these fairy tales went horribly wrong in my real life time and again.. So what..? At least I was a part of the perfect world for 3 hours. It is needless to say that I will miss his movies.. Today I was thinking about his movies and I got this warm and fuzzy feeling. A feeling that you get when you pull out an old tshirt after ages and still sense that familiar perfume fragrance.

I am just trying to relive my own memories through my YashRaj movie songs playlist. Yes the picture there looks familiar. I have heard those dialogues before.. I see the similar faces.. It is  a good feeling..

I don't know whats the connection but his songs reminded me of the cold wintry days and cookies turning golden in the oven on a Friday evening ( Smelling Great). The glass of wine on the table and my fingers battling with the keyboard... Do you still remember those posts? Feels like ages ago..!!

I think I should better sign off and relive those memories. Something's Missing.. All the memories going round, round, round, round.
P.S : Ironical isn't it? His last movie ( To be released on 13th Nov) is titled "Jab Tak Hain Jaan" -  As Long as there is life..! Looking forward to some more larger than life imagery and grandeur.


  1. Love this post - heartfelt and genuine! And yes, be glad you're not on FB for those super lame RIPs!

    Love, G

  2. It is indeed a sad day for Hindi film industry.Gosh, your post brought back a lot of memories of DDLJ days...I too remember singing and dancing on those songs :)

  3. I agree about his last movie's title being jab tak hai jaan. :(