Tuesday, September 4, 2012

~~~ Unchained Melody~~~

I took out all the dresses one by one. I sorted them out first by color (Neon/ Pastel/ RGB) followed by the style (retro/ punk/ traditional etc etc).
There were a lot of hidden treasures in my mothers cupboard.
I also took out an old style, Victorian colored "Vanity Box" from the loft. The make up was replaced by the chunky silverware in the box accumulated over the years and then conveniently tucked in there, left unattended.

I tried all the favorite dresses with the matching accessories. I took care of every tiny detail.
After all, it was a big night.  I needed to be at my best.
I had a plan A/ Plan B/ Plan C / Plan D ready. Every little change in the plan / improvisation  led to frequent back and forth calls with friends.

I decided to be ready a little before the time. Slowly and steadily I got ready. I took care of all the details. It was a big night after all.

He called up right on time just the way he always did. I was ready but I didn't want to sound too eager. So I asked him to wait in the doorway while I was rehearsing my lines. My heart was beating fast. I could hear my heartbeats loud and clear. Everything was perfect and as per my Plan A. He smiled like the way he always did. A big, warm smile the moment our eyes met.. His smile could make me forget anything in the world.. It was an indicator to let me know that I could be a Lah-di dah again. I didn't have to act tough, I didn't have to be independent. Life felt good with him. I wasn't an object of convenience. It felt right every inch of it.
He was carrying the bright flowers in a bouquet. I loved flowers and he loved buying them for me.
The bouquet was customized as per my taste. The red and yellow of the carnations was just perfect with the whiteness of the gladiolus. Just the way I liked my flowers.

We stepped out. The air was moist. It was kissed by the rain. The moon was just perfect neither too bright to attract the attention nor too dull to make the sky look boring.
We sat in the car. Oh yes and my favorite CD was on. I forced him a long time ago to make a cd for me. Music always played an important role in my life :).

We reached the destination and all our friends were waiting for us. We were greeted warmly by them.
It felt like a red carpet walk. I never liked farewells but this one was different.

Suddenly I heard a loud and persistent noise. I was immediately transported back to the real world.
There was someone at the door ringing the bell.
Oh No, the dream was just perfect for a change. So what if life isn't perfect. It was my dream showing his middle finger to my life. Everything was as per my PLAN A.
I looked around and saw the unfinished books and magazines. It was broad daylight. I stared at Ed for a while the way a mother checks on her child in the middle of the night.
I pulled the sheets over and tried to get back to the dream valley where everything was glossier, shinier and perfect. Sadly, I couldn't continue from where I left off..

On the positive side, the day is not over yet.. There is still time for day dreaming :)
Methinks, I am on a lucky streak here. The next one should be better...

What a coincidence, while I was writing this post my ancient friend Eby was also documenting his dream. It was a creepy coincidence kind of a thing..
He posted before me but for what's worth I have been trying to write this for the past 24 hours now.
What can I say ...I am a little slow :)

P.S: This was the song that was playing in the car.. A beautiful song.
The OST of the movie Ghost. It is by the Righteous Brothers.
* SIgh* Perfect dreams ..
Next Time!!!


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