Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~~~ Total Eclipse Of The Heart ~~~

I have fought for a lot of things in life.. May be that's a reason why I value things so much.
I don't like the idea of taking things for granted. The other day, I was coming back from somewhere when I saw 2 boys aged around 17 busy writing those not so nice four lettered words on the subway walls. I know your reaction - Oh must be those poor uneducated kids whiling their time away. Let me tell you something here.. Those kids didn't look poor. They were in their smart "blue" uniforms which screamed the name of their school. It pinched me somewhere in the heart. Probably it was just an adventure for them. Crossing the road in the broad daylight. Using a subway meant for the "commoners" instead of using Daddy's gift with the driver. For me it was a lot! I know for a good amount of time I would be using that subway.. I take pride in calling it my subway. Every time I use that subway I think about how much time I am saving in beating the traffic to cross the road. There is a lot we fight for everyday! Every day we hit the ground and get dirty.. 
I know for a lot of people this episode was nothing because I was the only one amongst 50 odd people there who tried to stop them. We had some verbal exchanges and then they ran off.. probably to another subway to showcase their art or should I say intellect?
Well to be fair to them, they have everything at their disposal. 10 years from now they will probably blame Delhi's "uneducated" lot for making a mess out of the city while sipping their perfect Martini's..

They don't have the same memories as I do... Waiting forever in the chaotic traffic to cross the road..
I remember the first time that subway opened.. I was so excited! Come to think of it, it was my first time inside a subway. I felt quite liberated.

I hate taking things for granted and also when I am being taken for granted.
For the former well I try not to.. but I realize it is impossible so in return I try to make up for it in my own ways.. However for the latter I have my own modus operandi. I remind people when such situations arise .. a couple of warm warnings and then I quietly move away. 

I think I have really changed in the last one month. My version 2.0 is better or rather much evolved.. Oh, I can hear you.."Why" ?
Well for starters... It cares for small things in life, It values life more, It is compassionate, It is a little more emotional, understands the value of money, is a little more passionate in life.
I know probably the subsequent versions will be better.. For now I am OK with this change.

I don't want to sound preachy.. Take a moment out appreciate things and people around you..
I am sure you will realize what all you have been taking for granted.

I Will be back later..
It is a love song.. by Bonnie Tyler. 
A beautiful song.. I don't want to write more about it...
I have just been singing this lately.. This is my Version 2.0 OST!

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