Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~~~Paradise City~~~

My last piece of the luggage arrived from Germany today. It was one of the boxes that I had shipped while moving back to Delhi. The moment I got the call from the post office regarding my package I was jumping with joy. The fact that my happiness didn't even last 2 minutes is something strange. It felt as if my whole existence of being in Germany has been wiped off. During the waiting phase I always used to joke that my life is still there in pieces and today the last piece arrived! It felt like that last piece in a game of tetris which completes the matrix.

I know what I am saying is probably not right because my friends still call me to check on me.. My bank still sends me emails.I know my passport/ VISA still allows me to visit Germany but this was different. It is not about what's legal/ illegal on paper.. It is more figurative than that.

Yes you are right in assuming that I miss Germany. I miss all the finer and not so finer nuances...
When I was packing there I was really excited to eat the street food here in Dilli and also the north indian cuisine -(Tadka maar ke). To be honest, I quite miss the blandness now. I miss looking up in the sky and spotting the stars. I miss walking back home from the bus stop at 2:00 AM, I miss pretzels, I miss the lazy mornings and like countless other things in the future I will miss the harsh winters when staying at home is the most comfortable thing, I will miss the cheer of Christmas..!

I miss the peace and calm, I miss the predictability..
That place remains. The place of quiet, calm and of my dreams.. Of jokes without humor, of small bakeries, of "Hallo's" with wide smiles, of bratwurst with tangy mustard sauce, of cocktails and beer with the girls, of wearing three stripes every day proudly to work, of unlimited black coffees, of getting sloshed at the beerfest, of getting hurt innumerable times and yet bouncing back, of traveling like a nomad, of gluhweine and lebkuchen, of Kriskindle Markts, of adjusting the day light time changes twice a year, of wearing football jerseys proudly to the game, of shopping twice a year on Sunday's, of presents wrapped in Red and Gold reminding Christmas all year round.

That place is and will always remain in my heart.. for more reasons than one, for all the reasons which I cannot entirely share here, for all the reasons right and wrong, for all the reasons I don't want to explain..

It will be mine one day..!

P.S: This post is not an emotional outburst.. Just a series of events forced me to write it :)
Also, I saw Lamhe - So I can't be blamed for the emotions.. Right?

P.S2: Well the song shouldn't come as a surprise.. Isn't it?
Anyway, I always loved the song..  It is by Guns and Roses..
Well more than one reason to put it up here as the title.. - I am going for the Guns and Roses live show in a couple of months. :)


  1. barso yaad karenge?? If it helps - I miss London - real bad - but we both gotta move on...

    tc :)

  2. aweee.. u planned to eat all the street food in Delhi.. I am sure you were not able to try it once post your return??!!

  3. Awww, Shilpi we miss you too!I miss our shopping sprees, workouts at the gym, and how you always say"and what else" lol. I bet you are having a blast at home but hope you come to visit soon. I see you in so many places, and so many things. A large part of you remains here, in our hearts. Hugs!