Friday, September 21, 2012

~~~ O' Beautiful Dream~~~

You look in a hurry.. Is everything Ok? Let's just sit back and relax and hear each others story.
Well.. I am in no mood to cut short our rendezvous. Don't stare at my feet I get nervous, haven't I told you already?
I see you have ordered your standard coffee. In all these years I have never seen you ordering anything else.. Order something to eat as well because this will really take a while. What did you ask me ? What do I need in life at the moment..?
Well I need a dream.. A dream which is larger than life. A dream where no amount of time investment is enough. A dream which I can nurture over a period of time. I want to think about this dream every waking minute of my life. The thought of turning that dream into reality should give me that ultimate happiness. I should be able to scream loud.."I have achieved".
Realizing this dream will be my ultimate motive in life. A dream without any rhyme or reason. A dream without any logic. A dream which is sheer craziness. Yes, I need such a dream! I don't know what that dream is .. but all I know is that I need one.
It might look stupid and you might call it weird but trust me you need a crazy dream to keep going at times.

Yes I know you are right here in saying that I will need determination to realize this dream.
The same determination which Edmond Dantes has in The Count of Monte Cristo, Andy Dufresne has in The Shawshank Redemption It is the determination that I need to run that last mile in a marathon when my body has given up, the determination to learn guitar when my tethered nails have given up, the determination to find that perfect job when the markets have given up, the determination to believe when everyone else thinks you should have given up, the determination to keep going and going against the wind like an Eagle..

I see that you are already ready with your worldly talk. Now you are ready to talk about how you have seen a few of your dreams go down the drain.. How your dreams never came true. How you are too old to dream.  How you don't dream anymore. With your cynicism you will try to counter my hope. You will also try to put logic here and will tell me how things work in the real world. You will tell me a few stories about how you did things to change your life at some point but let me tell you.. Today it is my turn to talk. So keep these thoughts to yourself..

Don't forget to mark this day. I am sure you already have an entry for this 'appointment' somewhere ?
May be someday I will remind you about this conversation in a small yet comfortable cafe. A cafe which will smell like home. The chocolate brown furniture will remind you of home. You will order the same coffee and it will be on the house. I will charge you for my baked cake though.. Fair Enough?
I' am sure that day you will think on your way back home.. "Why didn't I dare to dream? It could have changed my life"

P.S: A long time ago Karan gifted me a book which I thought was the worlds thickest book ever. And my first reaction was.. "Hey, I have read the story in my NCERT textbook and it was just 3 pages..!!"
No, it wasn't the worlds thickest book but yes a book about one hell of a story.. I read it a long time ago all 1462 pages! It is Alexandre Dumas's - The Count of Monte Cristo.. I just picked it up again and started reading.. I need a little push to carry on.. The inspiration for this post is partly from that book.. The rest is just an empty mind which I am trying to divert from the other things!

P.S: A little diversion.. No song titles. There is no song to inspire me at the moment!


  1. Read between the lines..Read the labels.. It is fiction :)

  2. ..and here I quote The Barney Stinson - "Please!" :D

  3. Hope my friend is a very good thing :-)

  4. It is more important not to loose the ability to keep dreaming and believing in the possibilities, something that becomes harder as one gets older and more "settled" in one of the songs says--keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart..

  5. @Eby : it sounds like Barney :)
    @Prateek: Hope - O' cruel hope ... Which is wonderful at times.
    @Priyanca: I agree :) I could not have written it in better words.. The way you did with your comment!