Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~~~Livin' On A Prayer~~~

I saw her in the eyes. She smiled faintly. The attendant walked up to her and asked her to wait. The nervousness was all over her face. It was amazing to see how her smile changed its  meaning within minutes. Her guard was on. The eyes gave her away. There was a faint redness in the eyes. She looked tired. Oh wait, it was more than that. It was the realization of a defeat.In her eyes I saw the fight for the lost cause.

There were a bunch of people waiting in the corridor. Some of them engrossed in their smart phones, the rest of them flipping through the old magazines. We were the only ones who were trying to read the others. 
She came to my side and asked if she could join me.. I was happy she did that. I needed to divert my mind. I didn't know what to ask or from where to begin. I was having a moment of my own in my thoughts. 
Multiple conversations were replaying in my mind.. Word by Word, Emotion By Emotion. 

She introduced herself. I realized much later that she never asked me my name to be honest I was comfortable being anonymous at that time. Now when I think of it probably she was more interested in her story rather than talking to me. She needed a listener more than a conversation. They say, talking to a stranger is therapeutic. You can be who you are and yet she decided to be herself. She told me her story of a broken heart, a shattered dream and of an unhappy ending. I didn't know how to react. She looked at me earnestly, tiredness gave way to glint in her eyes. She wanted me to speak up my mind. Somewhere I felt the pressure of being honest with her. I didn't want to be fake by saying.."This too shall be over..". She was in deep trouble and she needed to know it. At the same time she looked hopeful to me. She had hope in her situation which was beyond reason and logic.
I didn't know what to say.. I just asked her.. "Why did you take such a big risk? Why couldn't you be sound.." 
In her defense she just replied.. " Haven't you heard ? The only risk is not taking one.." 
I just gave her a faint smile.. After all I was there for the same reason..!!

This story is about a girl I met a while ago. We were at the same place and she started talking to me.
Well, as always.. No beginnings, No endings , No characterization. My stories are vague. I know they leave a lot of room for interpretation. Go ahead read it again and look for your version.

After a long time I decided to take this step. I have decided to add another tag - "Fiction" to this blog. I don't know how much attention you pay to the tags here.
I composed this a week ago but didn't know what to do with it. Sometimes small things can give a lot of perspective in life. I have decided to start sharing "Fiction" posts no matter how stupid they are..

Anyway, it is time to end it here.
P.S :  The song is by the Bon Jovi.

About the girl : No we never exchanged numbers, we were both in a different frame of mind at that time.
I just know her first name. Before leaving she said.. "Keep your fingers crossed for me.. ".
I liked the way she was carrying herself. She was in her own world .. lost and careless.
This song is for her.. My fingers are crossed for her!


  1. Hey, its an interesting read- it binds ones attention. Nice.

  2. All the best fr 'fiction' :) looking fwd to many more from you!

  3. Hi Priyanca,

    Thanks for the kind words :)

    Hi Gunj,

    Well.. Lets see for how long the fad continues..!!