Friday, September 7, 2012

~~~Just Like a Star~~~

Hey You,

If you have stumbled on this space then the chances are that you are:

*a fellow blogger from my blogroll
*Someone close
*Some Random unknown person who ended up here while searching for a song. ( I did that experiment :))
*My Stalker ( I like the sound of it.. The view is restricted only to this page.)
*A regular reader.. (Again, I like the sound of it)
*Some googler while searching for something bizarre.(No kidding here. It is tried and tested)

You know, time and again I have mentioned how hard writing is for me. Then again, I never stop writing! You really think it is easy to maintain a blog.. eh? Add some 20-30 lines of pure random bull shit and voila the post is ready! Sorry to disappoint you but this is really not the case.

Sometimes I have to control my raw emotions. Every word should be carefully picked which is rarely the case. The idea is to hide myself behind my words. How can I forget the most important thing?
The context/ theme/ story of the post. It is the most difficult thing. Well, I don't get up in the morning and say .. "Hey I have to blog today! Yippie..!" I am not so perfect.
It comes to me in the most unexpected situations. Sometimes it occurs to me after it has happened.
Yeah, I am very bad at writing fiction.. I will get there eventually I know. So, almost all the things are real #TrueStory.. ( Oh, pardon all the ###.. I am a twitterati these days..)

It is difficult maintaining a blog. Every time I read my old posts. I feel like hiding somewhere. 
I am so embarrassed after reading them and yet at the same time I miss those emotions, energy and a totally different attitude. There were times when I was hovering at the edge of deleting this blog. I know it is a part and parcel of growing up..

You have must have probably read this thousand times before how I love the song .. " You've lost that loving feeling" and how this song is always on my lips. I know I tend to repeat things. That's not because I want to prove something. It is more out of my absentmindedness. I love to talk about the things I love repeatedly. We all do that isn't it?
I have written about how I have had some awesome cocktail nights with the girls but what I conveniently skipped out was the part where I got tipsy after one drink and sloshed after three..
I talk about my life when I think I have hit the rock bottom and what I don't mention is that even during those times I have had the realization of being more privileged than the others. I always mention how I don't believe in the institution of God and what I don't mention is that I thank God every once in a while for what I have.

Ok, if you are still wondering what am I trying to achieve by incessantly blabbering here..
The point here is that even after blogging for 5.5 years about me you/I still don't know who I am or where I am headed. I think both you/ I will figure out with time.. Till then both you and I need to be patient.

There will be times when I will write depressing posts and I will make mountains out of molehills.
Some days I will just write about random things thinking they are funny or cute and you will be lost reading them. I am not very good with words. Word Play has never been my forte. I am surely good with emotions and experiencing things. So both you and I will have to make this relationship work. I know you don't/ won't agree with most of the things on this blog. My passions and my causes are different than yours. You have to promise me that you will be patient with my depressing posts and will laugh at my bad jokes. In return I promise to be there for you and will write about different things that will touch you someday, somehow..!!

Enough for the day!
#NowPlaying : One of my favorite songs by Corinne Bailey Rae
For a long time I was known by this song..This song was my caller tune.
Every time someone called me up they used to feel that I recorded this song and put it up as my caller tune.
They thought the way song is sung is the way I talk at times.. :) #NoSelfPraise
I am at a stage in life where I have new emotions, new things and new reasons.. Yes, things are different and I am trying my best to do justice to them..!
I had totally forgotten about this song completely until this afternoon when it suddenly started playing on my iPod.
Beautiful Song, Beautiful Lyrics.. !!


  1. I remember the caller tune from Hyd days :)

  2. I was the one confused with the voice of singer being your recorded one.. & copied the caller tune too ;)