Thursday, September 27, 2012

~~~ Everybody Hurt's~~~

This is not a story for it is real. It is not the complete truth for the details are hidden.
It is not a poem for it is a song. It is not rhyming for it is meant to be sad.
It is not short for there is a lot of history behind it. It is not long for it is not over as yet.
Read, pray and wish the world for her. 'Cause sometimes wishes do come true..

She looked me in the eye, across the table
Her eyes said what she couldn't put in words
She adjusted her coat, scribbled a few words
Finally she said .."I'am sorry",
I replied .. I understand..

She offered me kind words, "Be Strong"
The eyes were already moist yet I acted strong
The process had already started
I felt the pain, I cried out loud
There was no looking back..

Still clueless about what lies ahead
I crossed all the bridges with nowhere to go..
I wish I could picture a different life ..
All scenes with different scripts, A different story perhaps..
A story with a better ending or a new beginning..

Yes, just when you think that life is unfair start looking around. You will find people with unfortunate circumstances smiling their hearts out. This is something that I wrote for a girl I know. The strongest girl I have ever met. Someone who is very close to me and is my source of inspiration at the moment and probably everyone else's around her. I don't want to put her life story here because I don't want you to feel sorry for her. I think it will demean her will to stay strong! I know we are all made up of different elements.. I asked her today how she managed to stay so strong and so sound. What is it that keeps her going..She blushed and then coyly replied.. " Things that make us stronger are the ones which destroy us in the first place.." .  So true and I couldn't agree more. She said it in such simple words..
Yes, I have read these words in different forms as status messages/ forward emails/ Tweets.. but never cared to give them a second thought..

I wanted to do something for her. Something more than just words. I care for her and really wish the world for her.. I just wanted her to feel that I am there in every step of the way!
So I jotted down all the songs from her favorite genres and created a Youtube playlist for her..
I ordered  Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina for her and a bouquet of flowers. (We have a small history with Anna Karenina.. and I wanted to keep it alive..) I needed a little help for the bouquet and my friend Ed willingly obliged.. :). I think my tiny little gesture really pepped her and she called  to thank me.. I told her It was my way of wishing her well and she replied.. "No way, The best way would be your hair.. which I will use for my wig after my chemo treatment.." She said those words so effortlessly for a stage-3 Cancer patient..!! I am so proud of her!

I wish I could write more. I wish I could write something more appropriate. I think sometimes less is more.
With that thought.. I will take your leave.
A very wise man once said..
We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. 
So even though I am a little hopeless at the moment I hope the best for her. 

This was one of the songs from the playlist.  A song by REM. A comforting ballad on a rainy night..!


  1. Strong lady, this friend !

  2. Yes, Everybody Hurt's - "Everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes".
    The important is to "Be Strong" like the doctor said in your Song/Poem.

    Your friend is Strong and her spirit is not lost. After all she is your friend- The Strongest Lady I have ever known.

    So what if your hopeless at the moment you still walk proud and that's what matters.

    Thanks for being my friend..

  3. I prayed for her. :)

    And what you did was really sweet.

    Lots of love to both of you. :)