Tuesday, August 14, 2012

~~~ You've Lost That Loving Feeling ~~~

I am a little sick.. which is okay. You have to slow down once in a while.The problem is I hate medicines. I sometimes become very talkative when I am on them.( I know you must be astonished at the word usage here : Very :))I am enjoying my joblessness.. I spent 2 hours tuning Ed. It is a tough task. Trust me!!

Well It has been almost 10 days since I left my little old town. Yes, I miss that place.
Sometimes you grow in to things and people in little ways and you never realize that..

These things come to me in bits and pieces and I smile thinking about them.Things like going to the farmers mkt to buy fresh fruits, inpromptu drinking plans with the girls, going to the bakery for breakfast, going to Mc Donalds for a quick meal etc etc..
I know I will eventually have new things which will become a part of my life.. For now I just think about them and smile..

There are a few things which I didn't do before coming here..
I didn't see Vienna.. I guess I will be there sometime soon.. So I am not really running short of time with Vienna. My affair with Europe is not yet close to getting over!
Apart from this there are a few things which I should have said/ done but I never did.. I have my own reasons for not doing /saying things.. Sometimes I regret but then I look at the other aspects and I feel okay.. I think everything happens for a reason and things will be fine "Eventually".. Till then I guess I will just keep debating my actions..
Coming back to my daily life... I really don't have much to do. Ed takes up most of my time and energy. I have stopped reading / working out ( Read above : I am sick..)/ Baking ( Read above : I am sick)..I have just been busy doing nothing :) . I think the restlessness inside me has died down.. or is just laying low..

I was talking to my friend Phish and we talked a lot about the wrong people around us and how we never learn our lesson.. We just keep running after them..They always give hints ( Read : Make it obvious) but we still ignore these signs and continue to run after them. Then one fine day we realize and then it hurts..!!
Anyway enough of this low key talk.. I think my sickness is just making me negative..!
Tomorrow is another day .. hopefully a better one. There will be a lot of armchair patriotism in the air. A lot of Facebook status updates  / a lot of tweets about the country...
How much effort people actually put in their country?? Ever since I have come back I have seen people littering around, men casually taking a leak , people breaking the queues etc etc..
I am not talking about the uneducated lot here.. It is easy to post things on social media and look cool.
I know people who have done things for the country and never said a word..I have nothing but respect for them..
Last year I was at the Munich Beerfest. Some of my colleagues were really drunk and were very loud ( They also passed a lot of "indecent" remarks to the others) . A few guys from some other countries noticed them and passed a remark on the "Indian People" . All of a sudden their male ego came to fore and they were ready to fight and settle the matter. The whole night they were just talking about how possessive they were about the nation.. and how they feel it is their duty to protect the countries name.. I asked a couple of questions ..
" Why don't you go back to India if you care so much.. ?" ," When you feel like an Indian ambassador abroad then why don't you behave properly?"
 Of course I never got any replies. It is easier to sit abroad and sing "I love my India.." makes you look cooler.I hate hypocrisy!
Anyway , by the "patients" standards it is quite late.. I have written a lot under the influence of medicines ... :) . Time to hit the sack now..

P.S : The song is by Righteous Brothers..
2 reasons for this song to be the post title..
1. I watched Top Gun Today.. :)
2. The sickness has taken a lot from me.. I am very cold at the moment..
Beautiful song! Worth a try..
You've lost that loving feeling, oh that loving feelingBring back that loving feeling, now it's gone, gone, goneAnd I can't go on, no oh oh


  1. Shilps! you are being missed here :( hope you're feeling better now!

  2. Was reading and old post of mine and came back here. Glad to see you blogging again :-)

    And I love the song and the scene in which it is there in Top Gun. Saw your twitter widget good to see you there too