Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~~~ Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head~~~

Well I am in an exciting phase of life right now..
Okay, not so exciting but where I am sitting right now the glass looks half full.

Every single email increases my pulse rate. I use the time between opening an email and loading for biting my fingernails to the bone.

Yeah I know my optimism is infectious at the moment. I was quite dull a few hours ago and then I got an email.
The subject line was : " Your Discussion with Mr Woods"..
I opened the mail Hoping against hope for it to be the "The Mail" .. It turned out to be another SPAM mail. My switch was about to turn off when a sentence really caught my attention..

 " It Can't get worse than this.. This will change eventually.."
Funny!! Even the SPAM software has a sense of humor.
The sentence is stuck in my head now. I think at times hope comes in many forms. Seriously, it has to get better at some point..!! Things need to balance out eventually.

I have been lucky to have a lot of positive people around.. Well the best part is their positivity does not come through from their words alone.
For example: I was supposed to give an interview in XYZ company and this friend of mine works there. The company wanted to me to send them my latest resume, cover letter etc. I casually mentioned this to my friend and he asked me to send my documents over. He called up after work and we discussed each and every line that I had written in the documents.. He had done a critical review according to his company requirements. Boy !! I was impressed.
He jotted down all the points which needed "fitting". He was all excited about my application and made sure that there were no loose ends.
It felt good. Taking time out for my stupid work.  I don't care if I get that job or not. In all honesty the chances are slim. Probably I won't even remember it. I will remember this gesture for a long time. Sometimes I do feel proud of myself for making such choices in life..!

Coming back to my same old life..

It has been raining heavily and quite crazily in Delhi. Oh yeah, I am loving it!
Two years ago I wrote a disgruntled post on the rainy season.. Times Change!
The important fact is that I don't have to go out and work. All I have to do is sit  and enjoy the show..

My Corner ...

And I love music with it. I don't like heavy music when it is raining. It kills the romance. I like soft , meaningful and yet simple songs..

There are a few which are on my playlist ever since..
These songs are  Soft, simple, meaningful, melodic and I can relate to them in more ways than one. I can get drunk on these songs any day..!Some of them are..
1) "You've lost that lovin feeling.."

2) We could have had it all..

I think I need to sign off now..
It is time to enjoy my coffee..

P.S : Quite Obvious isn't it..? The song is by B.J Thomas..
It was also in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid..
Enjoy the rainy season..!I know it is too much to ask for when you have to endure that stupid traffic for 2-3 hours.. Give it a try..
The romance of rain and music is still not dead ...!

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  1. beautiful house you have there Shilps :) n all the best fr the application!