Friday, August 24, 2012

~~~Losing My Religion ~~~

I was just thinking about the whole process of moving in to a new city.
Well, Delhi is more like a new city for me. I stayed away from Delhi for 6 years and everything feels different!! I can't really pride myself on knowing Dilli anymore..
No, It isn't my first time in 6 years, I had my share of usual Delhi trips in these 6 years. Every time I could save enough money for the cheap flights /  Every time I could make use of those mid week / long weekend holidays.
In every visit I noticed the minute changes while roaming around in the city but my vacation used to get over before I could really form an opinion.

Now, the thought of staying here for a while is serious..It is bigger than my occasional visits. So, I tend to form an opinion on anything and everything about Delhi. I feel that it is my business to have an opinion partly because I am jobless and really have time for these nuances in life.

Well, those opinions need another post ( Trust me you will have one soon enough). I think I can even write a book based on my opinions/ observations. ( I did try to write a short story and like all the other stories I clicked on "No" when my little Netbook asked me if I wanted to save the document..)
I have a few acquaintances here in the city. Well I connected with most of them through the revolution called "Orkut".."Not so close Friends -Friend", "Not so close Friends Cousin", "Not so close Cousins- Friend" ,"Class XII Tuition Friend", " Class VIII Friend who joined another school and magically found me on Orkut" , " My best friends ex-girlfriend"
The list goes on...

Everyday someone pings me / emails me / smses me to meet them over coffee ,  shopping (most of them are girls) , drinks etc etc.. I really don't get excited anymore.. I promptly turn them down.
I don't see the point.. I don't want those familiar questions.. " Where have you been ? ", "What all happened in these years?" , " Why's" and "What's" and "How's".. I just don't want to explain myself to them.
I don't want them to judge me silently in their heads while sipping their Lattes with me.
I don't want to see their kids photo on their smartphones and say " so cute" , " so adorable" etc..
I don't want them to wow me with their gym routine..
I don't want to know about their awesome lives ,their weekend routine and how different they are from the others..

More importantly, I don't want to break their bubble..  Sometimes it feels that they tell me all this so that they could feel good about their lives..

I have played this game before a lot many times and the thought of playing it again bores me..!
I am not anti social..I have started appreciating my time. My time is too valuable for all this. I am better than this. I wan't to do my thing!!I have a select few still left in this city..With them I go back a long way  and I will hold on to them for now!! Maybe it is me Growing up!!

** I think I am finally growing up - and about time**

P.S: The song is by REM and is stuck in my head..
The title means - losing your cool..
Like every great song this one comes loaded with too many interpretations -
 The song is about losing the grip, losing faith in people, unrequited love, disillusioned..
The song is stuck in my head and I can just think of anything better at the moment..


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  2. "Sometimes it feels that they tell me all this so that they could feel good about their lives"

    - Bingo..!

  3. Sometimes those that ask to meet up, also include the gold-digging variety, who believe that you've been "minting money" in a 'phoren' country and believe that it is their moral obligation to take a not-so-tiny chunk of it off your hands. Be prepared for expectations from you to be picking up drink and coffee bills, and for tales of tear-jerking financial troubles, possibly involving gremlins and/or leprechauns!!