Wednesday, August 22, 2012

~~~Killer Queen~~~

I know it has been a while since I have written anything here..
You know how it works for me.. ?  I write something , publish it , give it a read over a period of 2-3 days and then correct the typos and "the's" , "," , "." etc etc and that's it.
So the chances are on re-reading you might not find the earlier mistakes. It feels good when someone points out the mistakes. Back to the matter at hand , I never had this feeling of satisfaction with my published posts.
Every time I re-read something I say "what rubbish" :) . Sometimes I feel I have written too much , the other times it is too less. At times I wonder at the word usage There are times when I just laugh , blush , get angry after reading my journal..
I am not a perfectionist. I always look out for the imperfections then why do I look for perfect blogposts?
I think it is about relativity. I read the other blogs and feel jealous. The way I connect to their blogs, their words , their thoughts. Isn't it amazing? How a few words can motivate you when you need the most..

Anyway, enough of my cribbing..
I just have random things to share.So I will go bullety on this one.

** I was really happy to see Prateek's comment on my last post. We go back a long way and lost touch.
He somehow found my bloglink again while going through his old posts..
Goonj and Shreeja really perked me up. They really wanted me to write. Goonj is on my twitter list so she makes sure that I get the message loud and clear :)
Someone I know told me very recently that he visits my page quite often..!! Until now I never believed in the accuracy of those red dots.. May be I should now!!

** I was at a coffee shop today and everything about that coffee shop sucked. I had company for coffee and I was telling him all the things "wrong" with that coffee shop.
1.Exceptionally loud music.. ( The moment I entered I felt as if I was inside a discotheque).
2.Chairs/ Sofas placed too far apart with the help of a wide table in between. You couldn't sit back, relax and talk at the same time there.. The interesting thing: If you enjoy listening to the strangers conversations.. all you had to do -  sit back and relax.
3.No Toilets...!! How can you open a coffee shop ( this one is a reputed chain ...) without a toilet...? Rather without a toilet how do you expect people to sit for hours...?
4. There was no comfort feeling there. You couldn't sit there on your own enjoying your time.
The strangest thing this coffee shop is right outside one of the colleges. They should have stressed more importance on the above points. Students are the ones who are more in to "Coffee dates" / Group -Studies etc etc..

**While I was having my standard black coffee I saw 3 dudes entering inside. They had "All Brawn No Brains" written all over them..They left no stone unturned in showing off their muscles. Tight T-shirts ( Sorry read Super Tight) with some pathetic quote written on it. Super tight jeans and gelled hair..
They were all "Gym Dudes" with only one passion in life .. "Body -Building" . Anyway, one of them turned around with his drink in his hand and I couldn't stop laughing..
He was drinking a super pink( Baby pink ) strawberry shake with dollops of whipped cream.
I am still laughing about it.. The moment those " Gym -Dudes" entered I thought may be because of the loud music they have mistaken the coffee shop for a discotheque.. I didn't expect them to stay on and more importantly order something so pink with whipped cream.. :)

** On a totally unrelated topic..I was chatting with a close friend of mine.. and we were talking about how people react when you tell them something depressing/ sad about your life.
It is actually true.. People normally say .. " Don't worry you will be fine" , " Don't worry  it will be ok" , " Don't worry you will find something.. "  It doesn't feel genuine.
 When people say .." you will be fine and blah blah blah.. " It feels pity. When it is Shit I need to hear it out loud.. !! That's what separates the "special ones" from the "regular ones". That's what draws the line between "Friends" and "Good Friends" . Nothing ticks me off more than pity.

I think with the last point a lot of my emotions are coming out about the general things I hate that people normally do. Before I write too much here it is better I sign off.It is better to keep the guard on at times.

P.S : The song is by Queen.
Different people have different interpretations. It used to be my nickname while playing computer games.
Yes, I am in a killer mood at the moment. I know in the next couple of days I will read this post and say "What Rubbish.." Till then .. Let me just enjoy the song.


  1. Almost all coffee shops are like this. :@
    Not cool at all.
    Particularly this trend of playing music loudly, you have to shout to talk to the person sitting next to you. :/

  2. And your blog is perfect the way it is. :)

  3. Delhi coffee shops are a joke. its hard to settle for them when u've seen better. for me the bigger joke is how much they charge for simple coffees.

  4. so finally you are back!!
    & on coffee shop thing/those smarties you saw there.. WELCOME TO DELHI :D