Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~~~ Won't Back Down~~~

I was a little stressed out during the day. Well we live in difficult times. Anything small and petty can stress out the mind.I have my own self help guide on Stress.I switch off my mind and go out to the bakery and order a Black Kaffee with ice cream.I sit out , sip my kaffee and watch the world go by. It really helps!!

So today was no exception.. I did things according to the plan but just couldn't watch the world go by.
I was interrupted by a "Boy Doll"..Well what are boy dolls in my world? Read on:
** They put so much of gel in their hair with the side parting. Their hair feels wooden in my head..
** They wear low cut V necks ( seriously!!)
** Sometimes they wear a scarf (I don't know what Men stoles are called.. Why do they even have it in the first place?)on their low cut Vneck tshirts
** They have perfect cuts, perfect biceps and their legs are skinnier than mine.
In short they carry off their skinny jeans with elan.
I think you got the picture.I don't think more description is needed.

So this boy doll joined me for coffee. He was waiting for his G/F's to join.
He wasn't comfortable sitting alone so he asked he if could join me. Very reluctantly I said yes.I know this guy from work. We chatted for a while.. We are almost of the same age.. ( He is 1 year older)
The weird thing that I noticed was that he only talked about:
1) The sale season
2) Dancing/Clubbing/Boozing
3) Well here he bitched about someones dressing sense
Also, he had more creams / cosmetics in his bag (This one freaked me out!)

Do men do that?I don't know.. I come from a school where Men don't compete with girls (In terms of clothing, cosmetics or anything) and most certainly they don't bitch about someones clothes. My friend told me that this is the Gen-Y thing.I am very receptive to change. I believe in changes. This one was really hard to digest..!!I prefer to live in a world where Men dress like Men and talk like Men and most importantly behave like Men.
Sometimes I might hate them for being "Insensitive","Inattentive", "Uninterested" ,"Unemotional","Difficult", "distant" but I would still prefer that any day to Boy Dolls.

Anyway,enough about Men talk. Let's change the subject to me.
(I can't really take when I don't get enough attention :))
So coming back to my stress.. I have my own self help guides on everything and that includes stress as well.
No matter how hard the situation is I have a quick fix for everything.The best part is that it works for me every single time..:
** High Pressure Day at work - Hot chocolate before going to bed with some nice music in the background.
** Exhausted Mind and body - A glass of wine with some nice music in the background.
** Feeling ignored - Go out for a high intense run with some nice music in the background
** Bad Day because of Hangover - Home made Dal Chawal with some nice music in the background.
** Feeling stressed - Baking, Baking, Baking
** Monday Blues at 9:00 am : Strong black coffee with some nice music in the background..(Mostly it is the printers noise..)

Pretty rock solid isn't it? Well It doesn't include anything which says eat tubs of ice-cream to feel better.
I am not that kind of person. I don't find solace in food but I love to cook and bake when I am under stress.
I like to do it for the others. That really does wonder to my nerves. I feel so calm and composed.
Also, music works more for me any given day.I also realized that for me the lyrics are very important.Yes the acoustics make the song special but the lyrics dress it up!May be that's why I never liked Trance, club music etc etc. You feel the emotion with the lyrics. They make you cry, smile, nostalgic. 

I think we all have our own ways to cope up with the tough situations.
Whatever works to get us going through the day..!!!

I think I totally changed the direction of this post from Stress to Boy dolls to stress again.
Actually I did something really interesting.Someone suggested me this a while ago and I never took it up seriously. He asked me to write down my targets / Things to do in life.
(Short Term, Mid Term, Long Term .. Well he asked me to be ambitious).. He asked me to open it again later to review if I wanted to change anything.I took a piece of paper and jotted down my targets.To spice it up I made this list thrice and every time I wanted the same things. Speaks a lot about my determination eh?It is really not a bad exercise.I thought it would take a lot of time but it really wasn't the case. Give it a try you will be surprized..!!

P.S: It is a Tom Petty song.
Well that's how I show stress my Middle Finger :) .

Well I won't back down
No I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down

No I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world from draggin me down
gonna stand my ground... and I won't back down


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