Thursday, July 19, 2012

~~~ Stayin' Alive ~~~

I am here again!!
I wrote a short story. Before I put up anything here read the below points carefully:

*** I don't like to write stories where characters have names , background, strong opinions etc..
They are whatever you decipher them from the short story
*** My short stories have no introduction , plot and endings. They are just like a time frame /snippet picked
up from the world around me and posted here. In other words they are just some 12-20 sentences packed together (Which of course make sense to me..)
*** Yes, almost every short story has a backing story and which I conveniently skip out most of the times.
*** Yes, a little bit of me exists in every story. Sometimes it is just me and the other times it is how others see me.
*** I hate giving titles. I am as innovative as I am with the blog titles (Read: Zilch!). Giving songs as the blog post title is the easiest thing in the world.

I know I am very demanding. It is just that I want you to perceive a few things the way I see them.

"She was wide awake at 4:30 in the morning. She checked her watch and looked outside the glass door.The Sun was somewhere in the horizon expanding slowly. Very slowly she got out of the bed and habitually switched on the radio.She always wondered how these little things integrated so well in her daily schedule.

The water was on the stove for boiling. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey as first thing in the morning started as a part of her weight loss program but became a habit gradually.
Early morning was a good time for self introspection she thought to herself while sipping the hot water slowly.

She made a rough checklist of all the things she needed to do during the day. It made her feel organized and less cluttered.Walking on the grass barefoot was just one of those things that became a part of her with time.The thoughts from the previous night came back to her. The color of her face changed.She decided to make it a perfect day just the way she did every other day.

Things weren't perfect but she didn't couldn't complain. She was more previliged than the others
Her BEST defense for everything was "If it is meant to be .. It will be".She repeated it often because she needed to hear and believe in that more than the others.She opened her emails always hoping for that perfect email. Nearly all the emails could be categorized under Spams.
There were never any "surprise emails" which could just make her day!
She stressed a lot on the small things in life.For her those One liner Text , one minute of short and sweet call , 1-2 liner emails were important.They could make the worst days turn out to be good.After deleting the junk she re-read some old emails. She liked doing that. It reminded her of old episodes/snippets

With her glass looking half empty she decided to do something. Instinctively she opened Europe's Map.She marked all the places she wanted to go the whole map changed to red color.
Habitually she opened all the travel websites to look for the exciting offers.
As always the "Good Deals" came with a lot of terms and conditions. 

She wanted to skip work again and habitually she said to herself .. "I wish I was a housewife.."
Grudgingly she got ready. Her mind was lost in her own thoughts and in between she came to reality whenever familiar songs were playing.

Good Breakfast maketh mood and mood maketh man! With that thought she headed to her favorite bakery for a good breakfast.Habitually she ended up ordering the same things as she always did. Eating alone thrice a day killed her at times.On the bright side it was better than having any forced conversations.

She was all set to walk back home after her breakfast. She thought of reading for a while, book a good deal online , take a day trip and then maybe call it a day!!
Instinctively she started walking in the known direction and as always she murmured the same thing while entering the office.. "Just Another day" "

If you are thinking.. That's her story.. Then read the above point again. " There is a little bit of me in every story" :).
I get panicky at times these days. There is a little too much to do.. ( I am in between different worlds right now..).I guess this is just a stupid phase. This will get over..!! I will get out of my stupid whiny phase and will be awesome as ever very soon.

I met my German friend for lunch -coffee . She is enjoying her vacation time for the past two weeks...( am I jealous..?). So we bumped in to Boy Doll (She agrees 100% with my description). Anyway so we started talking about my post then .. She is not able to forget one line which I wrote and now swears by it..
"Sometimes I might hate them for being "Insensitive","Inattentive", "Uninterested" ,"Unemotional","Difficult", "distant" but I would still prefer that any day to Boy Dolls."
To be honest I added more adjectives there and then removed them as an afterthought ( I didn't want to come across as a feminist).
She had her own list too. I don't blame her. She is going through a rejection and they are the killers.90% of the times you don't make the first move because you are scared of the rejections. Once you do and get slapped with rejection you never ever try it again..!! I am impressed the way she has handled her situation. 
Some people are really strong..!! Nothing can really deter them. 
She has requested me for another nickname.. She thinks "The German Friend" is too impersonal.
I have to think of that as well *Sigh* . 

I am thinking of going for a day trip. I don't know where and when and how.. It is all cooking up in my head. 
Let's see where I end up!

P.S: It is a BeeGees song. Very good song. 
Whatever it is.. my whiny, irritating, neurotic behavior. I will kick it out!
I promise!
Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin alive, stayin alive.
Feel the city breakin and everybody shakin,
And were stayin alive, stayin alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive.


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