Sunday, July 1, 2012

~~~Just Breathe~~~

Of late people have been successfully making me conscious.
Every once in a while I get to hear something like..

"Oh you pour your heart out in your blog... I am so scared of putting myself out there."
I find it scary at times. Not that someone will read my blog, my mind and then subsequently will become my stalker. It is just that it blocks me out at times.These days , every time I write I re-read just to check if I have put too much out there?How can I give this blog to my little ones to show them my"coolness" factor if I don't put things out there.It is not that I am a member of Ku Klux Klan or an Undercover Spy.. which this blog can expose..I am a normal person with very normal issues in life..Trust me I am really not scared of putting my issues out there. I think we all have issues. So what? we try to sort the existing issues and then find the new ones to keep us occupied.

Yes , I admit that I could have writen about "how things went sour with xxx/yyyy/zzzz" or my daily routine right from brushing my teeth in the morning to brushing my teeth at night.

About the sour friendships: I am not a good judge of character. I find everyone perfect when I meet them for the first time. Over a course of time I have changed my opinion/ stand on people often. I have always believed in second chances.So when things go sour I don't want to rush and write about it. Most of the times it has been my fault.There were a couple of posts in the past where I mentioned how things went sour with my college best friend. I am not proud of those blog posts( Won't be deleting them ever). I was discussing this with my friend and he said.."Why not write about how things went sour.. It would be a good learning for your grand children" My reply was .. " Well let them make their own mistakes and learn from them.. This blog is not for preaching."

About my Daily routine: I hate the word routine. It makes life sound so boring.
They could have coined a better term..Something like "Daily Fun" or "Daily Joy ride"..
How can you enjoy something which is a routine and to make it worse .."Daily Routine".. Probably that would have eased my problem with the word routine. I cannot stick to a routine. I keep changing my gym times, I keep changing my food that I eat every day.I keep experimenting with the coffee shops. Some times after work I just go to a coffee shop and sit alone and order something really fancy like an Amaretto Coffee with some fancy cake.In my opinion that's just another way of exploring the unknown.On the other hand,I am envious of people who have a routine. It kind of brings stability to the table.Let's say the situation is less volatile that way!
My biggest issue these days is that technology is making me Unlearn things. I thought we could never "unlearn" something. I started writing this post on a notepad (without the spell checker) and on copy pasting to the blog editor I found so many red underlined words... I think this spell checker software has really put me two steps behind.Now I just don't make any effort to remember any of the spellings because I know that the correct spelling is a right click away. There was a time when my spellings were really good.. ( my Parents did a good job while raising us.)
For example.. I spelled Conscious as Concious . Apart from that there are a few words which I can just never get right in the first place.. I hate it when the words are underlined with that annoying red. 

Also, the moment I need to do minor calculations I just type the magical word CALC. The other day I was trying to calculate (35+14+11+28) using CALC. Earlier I would have calculated using my brain ( 35 + 15 +10 + 28 .. I always liked calculating numbers ending with 5 or 0 :))..

Before I embarras ( That's how I first spelled it..) embarrass myself too much let's talk about the "Daily Joy ride" these days..
Life has been good. The weekend was excellent. The weather played its part perfectly. I went out with a friend (Let's call her Zee) .. I talk about her here a lot. We shopped, had coffee, we decided to soak up the sun. I have got such a terrible tan now.. (I didn't need it in the first place). "Fair and Lovely" can use me as their "Before Model" for one of their ad's on the TV/ print where the girl gets rejected by hundreds of guys because of her complexion. (I have a "Bright" future ahead of me..).
Last evening after shopping we went to my favorite Mexican place in NBG. I love that place. It has something about it.. May be I have a little too many stories from that place or the fact that you have Jumbo cocktails there on the menu. Whatever may be the reason I just love that place! A couple joined us for a round of Jumbo drinks .The wind was blowing.. There were clouds all over..We were having a good time when it started raining heavily.. I wanted to go out in the rain , get drenched and then catch the train back home but I had some sensible crowd with me.. So we waited for it slow down.. and then we walked to the station. We did get drenched and it was such a nice feeling :)
The rain did not end there.. It has been raining since last night continuously. I like it when I don't have to go out in the rain. I love to sit on my porch, play my favorite music and have good baked stuff ( made by me of course )..I like the warmth, I like the color , I like the sound when it rains ( This opinion holds true only when I have no errands to run outside.. ).I decided to bake something warm and comforting in the evening and ended up baking mini oatmeal cakes and then I made Vanilla sauce and decorated it with some Orange Marmalade ( I love my orange Marmalade .. I made it last week and just can't get enough of it.. I eat it with EVERYTHING! The fact that I made it so perfectly is too overwhelming.).. I think I need to improve my plating up skills.. It should at least look like a 5 euro dish on the plate...!!

Mini Oatmeal cake with Home made Vanilla sauce and Orange Marmalade..

I think it has been a long Sunday chapter. Let's meet again and talk..:)
To the people who think I pour my heart out here... Well that was always the plan with this blog. I guess I am pretty much on the right track. It takes a lot to know me well.. I don't think I am that simple to figure out from 272 posts.So if you figure me out then surely I would be disappointed in myself for being so predictable. On second thoughts I think we will become best friends :)
I have a few people in my life... They have read all my 272 posts ( I can bet my life on that...!) and they are the closest ones..!
P.S : The song is by Pearl Jam . I have multiple reasons for putting this as the post title..
** I am going for a PJ concert .. yayayayayayayyayay.. and just bragging about it :). I have been listening to this song since morning. Rainy day, beautiful weather, Awesome breakfast.. the whole atmosphere made this song even more beautiful
** Every time I talk about my close people.. I kind of get emotional and while writing about the people who have read 272 posts... this song was playing in my mind..

The song talks about different elements of life.. Death, Sin, relationships etc etc.. It is a beautiful song.
It is more like a confession of how he screwed up things but is now coming clean and becoming a better person.

Sorry for posting the full song..
Yes I understand
That every life must end
As we sit alone
I know someday we must go

Oh I'm a lucky man
To count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one
Yeah others they got none

Stay with me
Let's just breathe

Practiced on our sins
Never gonna let me win
Under everything
Just another human being

I don't want to hurt
There's so much in this world
to make me believe

Stay with me
All I see

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
What if I did and I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
'cause I come clean

I wonder everyday
As I look upon your face
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take
Nothing you would take
Everything you gave

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
What if I did and I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
I come clean

Nothing you would take
Everything you gaveHold me till I die
Meet you on the other side


  1. Waaa-oow! Your baking looks amazing from all the pictures that I have seen!

  2. Interested to know the book under that plate:)

  3. its raining here too.... yae yae yaaaeee!! & if you dont bake these yummy cookies for me the next time you come I am gonna kill you!!!