Sunday, July 15, 2012

~~~ I don't want to grow up ~~~

** I Started writing last night. Today morning when I woke up I realized that I never posted this one. 
Here it is:

I really didn't want to break my rhythm here.So thought of coming here tonight for some random sketching.Sketching of what..? General things (It has been a while .. isn't it?).. writing about "Just another day.." Well the day has been full of learning's. If you want to become wise from my learning's then read on and apply them wherever possible.. If you just want to laugh at me then in that case continue to read on..

Never get drunk on Wine..

I am not a wine person.I never drink wine outside or with anyone. Wine is my "Alone - (Read: Introspection)" drink. I am as knowledgeable about wines as I am about the UFO's, God Particle or quantum physics for that matter.A Half glass of wine is as effective as three different colored cocktails put together. So yes I had wine last night and more than the usual half glass..
As expected:

**I had a bad excruciating headache which lasted for hours
**Laziness, Drowsiness and more laziness..
** The tendency to blurt out things when drunk.

It is not good to bitch..

Remember my post on Boy Doll's ? So, today I bumped in to Boy Doll in one of the shops.
He was looking for his friend who was busy on the phone. So he requested me to wait. He wanted to try on a couple of tshirts and wanted my opinion..
Eh .. Karma...? I bitched about his tshirts in my last post and here I was approving his next set of low cut V neck tshirts. To make the matter worse this is what he said before he went to the trial room..

" I really like your dressing sense. You wear clothes with simple cuts and great color coordination.. No frills, No over the top dressing. You are colorfully elegant. You dress differently and you have an interesting style.." By the time he finished his speech on my dressing sense I was already six feet under!!

For what's worth , I did tell him that I am not a fan of low cut V neck tshirts on Men. My style is classic and old school when it comes to Men.

My face says it all..
I am very bad with reactions. My face gives it away most of the times. Whatever my mind goes through my face says it..(Maybe because I don't use words to express my mind..).
So today I met my Macedonian friend for a couple of cocktails and some hearty conversation.

While we were laughing like mad women she noticed that the guy who was serving at our table was showing some extra interest in me. I didn't bother much. When we left he came running up to me and handed over his business card to me . I thought it was the restaurant card. I took it from him. He said call me/ email me.I looked at the card .. Dr XXXX yyyy , Senior Risk control consultant. I was surprised for a moment, puzzled. I think he read my face. He said " I want to open a restaurant soon. So I am doing the ground work.. You never imagined that I could be worth more than a waiter?". I was quite embarrassed. The whole episode was too confusing for me. I just replied .. " I am not available, Sorry" and left.
I should not show my reactions makes me very easy to predict.

What's your excuse...

People give excuses all the time. Instead of believing in every word it is wise to take your cue from their excuse and avoid the same situation again. The only thing worse than realizing that you have been given a lame excuse again is the fact that you fell for the lame excuse before.

I fall for the lame excuses all the time. For me , the spoken word is enough. I take it very seriously. I don't see through these things. I don't analyze the situations, words and people so much. (Makes me an easy prey I know).So today I was just discussing my life and an episode in general with my German Friend when she made me realize that I have been slapped with a lame excuse. Yes, it feels bad. When I really started thinking about the whole matter it felt stupid. I feel so stupid now!

You can't really stop the others from giving you stupid excuses but you can be indifferent. It feels less stupid that way trust me!

Yes, it has been one hell of a day. I hope all the learning stays.
One of my closest friend poured her heart out in front of the guy she is in love with ever since .
Sadly,it wasn't a happy ending for them. I really appreciate her efforts. Rejection is a big thing and the very thought of it stops you from doing anything!!She did good and I am quite impressed the way she has handled it.I couldn't have expected any more and any less was never an option. That's the thing with the rejections. They put you one step back in life. Even though deep down in your mind you prepare yourself for the worst. No preparation is ever good enough! There was a time when I was not scared by the rejections. I did and have done things without any fear of rejection. With age every thing is changing. I am cautious, scared, count my steps before I walk. Trust me, I don't like growing old.

It has been a lost post.. Time to slay the day!

P.S : The song is by Ramones.
I hate the realization of the fact that I am growing old right now. It is good sometimes but there are days when I don't like it. Today is one such day. I don't want to grow up!!

I don't wanna live in a big old tomb on grand street
When I see the 5 oclock news
I don't wanna grow up
Comb their hair and shine their shoes
I don't wanna grow up
Stay around in my old hometown
I don't wanna put no money down
I don't wanna get a big old loan
Work them fingers to the bone
I don't wanna float on a broom
Fall in love, get married then boom
How the hell did it get here so soon
I don't wanna grow up

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  1. Nothing prepares you for the disappointments and rejection. True that. :(