Thursday, July 12, 2012

~~~ I Believe In Miracles ~~~

We found love in a hopeless place..
Well these words aren't mine.To set the context.I called for a cab today evening. The driver looked familiar.
He recognized me immediately. It is easy to remember "Exotic" faces ( Quoting him AS-IS.. You know I leave no chance :)).Actually , last year when I had my Squash accident and I was battling with my looks and my injuries.I used to go to the hospital pretty often.Most of the times I called his cab. We used to talk a lot during the cab rides. He always tried to cheer me up with his pep talk.

Today when he picked me up in the evening he asked me why I wasn't my usual self.I just blurted out things a bit. I am sure he didn't understand :) but to cheer me up He told me about his story and I just had to pen it down somewhere.. Let's call him Lukas.

Lukas was a white collar professional 15 years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer he fought and won the battle.Of course he had to give up his career.He wanted to do something instead of sitting at home.Since he couldn't get a regular job he decided to become a cab driver.Once, he had the pleasure of driving a very pretty lady to the airport ( let's call her Megan ?).He had seen her around in this little place crossing roads, eating ice creams and drinking beer at the fest.The lady was going back to her country (USA). He asked her for her email Id and she handed her business card to him.He sent her an email within 2 hours. They started mailing back and forth. In the meanwhile he was going through his Post cancer treatments.
He was very disappointed to know that Megan was happily married to another guy in the USA. They still maintained their regular contacts over emails.Over a period of time they became really good friends with phone calls on fixed days(Her birthday, his birthday, Christmas,4th of July, 19th Aug(When they met for the first time in the cab)).
They followed this routine for 3 years until one day he got a phone call from Megan in the middle of the night. It wasn't any usual call. Her husband deserted her for another woman.He told her to put the phone down and talk her husband in to getting back together. She disappeared after that for 6 months.Once she was legally divorced and over her husband she contacted him again. She was still very embarrassed about her frantic call in the middle of the night. They resumed their friendship this time more on skype and telephone calls.

He went to the United States to meet her and in a hope of starting a relationship with her.
They met,entered in to a relationship which ended after a month or so..He came back to Germany with the intention of moving on. His thoughts kept going back to her.
In his words .."He looked back and stayed on forever..".
The disastrous relationship was followed by a period of silence of 8 months there was no contact from any side until one day she showed up at his door with her toothbrush."

They have been happily married ever since. His parting words were..
"If we could find love in such a hopeless place you will certainly get what you are looking for. Be Patient!"

It was so nice to hear his story.. I could have elaborated this a bit or used to as a plot for my next short story. I somehow didn't want to spoil it. I will one day write a story on this also. For now, I just wanted to post it just the way I heard it.

I don't know if I will ever get what I am looking for. I am not even sure if it is worth waiting for, I have no clue what lies on the other side but for a moment his story did lift my spirits high.

I told him his story is perfect for a Bollywood movie and that I am sure all the producers would love to use the script.If I was a producer I would have picked this one right away. I like happy endings. I still believe in them.The world should look brighter, beautiful and cheerful..
If I ever made a movie the key scenes would be:

** Couples/ families going for picnics/ breakfasts/ cycling/playing together
** Couples going to the movies
** Couples going for long walks..
** Couples going for long car rides
** Couples meeting up for lunch/ dinner/ coffee

Simple life isn't it ? I know what you are thinking... that I will never be able to make it big in the movie business.C'mon for me these are simple pleasures of life.. that makes life worthwhile.. I would like the audience to see and realize that they need to do all this/ what they are missing out on in this crazy crazy world.

I am on a roll here.. This is my 3rd post in this week. I guess I am just getting the rhythm right.
For a strange reason writing calms me down these days. It is not that I am writing masterpieces.I don't have a cloudy brain also... ( I have stopped thinking/ expecting/wondering.. That never did any good to me..)

As long as the posts aren't full of gibberish give them a read, leave a comment or two, smile and wait for the next one.. :). See you in a bit!

P.S : The song is by Pearl Jam.. ( Yes, I am still drunk on PJ)
The title is self explanatory. When I am down and out .. things like these happen.. You hear stories, you experience things and then your faith is restored. You feel all is good with the world.

I will be honest I wasn't feeling too bright.. May be I am expecting/ anticipating for a lot of things to happen on every front. I know I just need to be patient. I can't force things to happen that will lead to unhappiness.
So on that note.. Let's hope for Miracles for you and me..!

Oh I belive in miracles
I believe in a better world for me and you
Oh Oh I believe in miracles
I believe in a better world for me and you


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