Saturday, July 21, 2012

~~~Better Days~~~

I am feeling really upbeat today. I just decided to come here and post something and as usual it would be highly irrelevant for the most of you but what the heck.. ?

First things first my childhood friend Shreeja (I talk about her often her.. We go back a long way right from our 6th grade!) read my depressing last post and decided to surprise me with an early morning email..It did work :) . It was nice reading her email after ages today. It is so amazing how we just stay in touch with the select few throughout. Good Times - Bad Times they are always there. We just pick up the pieces from the last time and carry on with the game. I moved on a lot of times from one set of friends to the other, from one place to the other, from one philosophy to the other, from one lifestyle to the other, from one phase to the other but she was always there and so were the other people I am in touch with from the ancient times..!

I have never had trouble in "moving on" in life. I think I pack up my world and then just move on! Mind you, I am not just talking about moving on from one coordinate to another.I was never forced to "move on" either.It was always by choice and with a purpose.I know one thing for a fact that there are always
too many places to see,too many ambitions to achieve, too many dreams to realize, too many emotions to feel, too many moments to experience..Having said that I need to share something very rough that I wrote a while ago.. ( I had to dig it out from my 2009 drafts.. I will complete them all one day! )

For I have too many places to see and I must carry on..
I have too many ambitions to achieve and I must look up..
I have too many dreams to realize and I must keep my eyes wide open..
I will have things to learn and I must keep my mind focused..
I will have new emotions and I must have my heart by my side
to feel these feelings..
Every minute will be my moment and I am waiting with my arms wide open

When I move on I don't forget people.On the contrary I think a little too much about what I leave behind but yes most of the times the credit goes to the other person for keeping that bridge intact.( I know I am a lucky girl ) Methinks 40 years from now I would still be on the lam for all the right reasons of course.. :)! It is a forewarning to you. All you homebodies' hang in there. I promise that you would still be getting all the updates from my blog. You will have to appear as red dots here to track me down :)

So you think I am crazy ? Maybe you are the wise one and I am the mad child..
At present, I know I can't have what I want.. I can't make you understand how I feel.. I can't even tell you whats going on but Hey you!! The wise one..I am looking forward to everything in life - Good/ Bad.
I hope one day you will understand all the madness..! I hope you and I see the "better days"

This post has been long..!! I am quite fresh and energetic right now. The music is my company. I baked oatmeal and raisin cookies at midnight. To satisfy my creative needs I made vanilla pudding also. It has been an exceptionally good day..! Laid back , Relaxing and Lazy just the way weekends should be. My restless nerves are on a vacation for the weekend.To end the day on a perfect note I am enjoying my latest addiction..Cola light with oatmeal and raisin cookies..( And then I crib that I am fat :)).

Time to sign off..
 P.S : The song is byEddie Vedder..!
It is a nice song.. I just wanted a good title for the post and hence the song..!
May be I am too naive about the whole Moving on thing but I feel it is always for the better..!!
Fill my heart with discipline
Put there for the teaching
In my head see clouds of stairs
Help me as I'm reaching
The future's paved with better days

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  1. No matter where life takes us.. I am sure we will always connect in the same way!! And now God has opened the path for us to meet up soon.. though I am not very happy with everything around :( but again I am happy too for all the good that's happening around you.. :)
    see you soon!!
    Take care