Monday, June 11, 2012

~~~Young at Heart~~~

I am exhausted as hell.Sleep deprivation, Sore muscles and mental exhaustion.Ironic, isn't it, that today being the first day of the week I should be fresh,excited and bubbling with energy.
I am still recovering from the weekend madness. I think this was really one of the most 'spontaneous' weekend for me.I made so many plans on the go.. I did so many things spontaneously...

Come to think of it the whole week was exciting for me. I had a good time!!
A couple of friends from the US were in town for work. Last summer we went for a lot of long runs together in the forest before they relocated in June( They are amateur marathon runners!).
 So, I got one liner from one of them.. "Hey! How about skipping lunch and running in the afternoon.. ? Let's "run" back to the memory lane :)"..
The three of us skipped our lunches went to the forest for a nice long run and without a doubt I was the slowest :(. Also I gave up the moment we covered 9 Kms.. (We did cover in 53:40 minutes though).

The first thought that comes to me every time I finish a good run and settle back in is "I could have run an extra Km.."..The moment I got back to my desk.. I realized that I had swimming plans in the evening with another friend.She really encouraged me for swimming so I had to go! So after work both of us swam for an hour.
I was walking back home and then realized that the Altstadt(Old Town) fest was on. A lot of bands were playing the live music and people were drinking beer and having a good time.. This boosted my spirit even more and I decided to stay on even with my "drained out" condition. I just wanted to enjoy the weekend...!!
On Saturday, it was all about my favorite activities..Baking,Cooking, A nice Coffee in the sun, Reading, meeting friends, Gymming and the best one.. Football :)
There was a public viewing of the match (Ger Vs Por) and I reserved our table well in advance. A couple of people and beers and the place packed with the German fans.After Germany won the match the whole town was out in the open parading in the national colors ( Red, Black and Yellow) and honking up and down in the cars .. (It kind of felt like back home with so much of Honking.. :)). There couldn't have been a better finish to the day.

I also went for a day trip to one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria..- Chiemsee.
Chiemsee is a fresh water lake and is also known as the Bavarian Sea.There are two main islands and the boats are there to go from the lake shore to these islands.
The Herrenchiemsee is the bigger island and has the most beautiful castle of King Ludwig II. The palaces , castles, forts they attract me. I get drawn towards them automatically. This one was no exception.

Check out the pics:

The Lake Shore

The King of the Water.. !

On the way to the Island.. From the Boat

Old and Vintage..The oldest steam engine run carriage.. And Yours Truly Of course..

It was a crazy day. I left my place at 5 in the morning and reached home at about 10 in the night.
No wonder the muscles were all sore..!! More Photos later.

I booked my ticket for the Pearl Jam concert.Of Course I was excited and happy.
I walked to the printer to collect my ticket when an Intern (Around 21 years) who was standing there waiting for his printouts asked me what it was out of curiosity.. (May be because the ticket was full of Bar codes.. or I had renamed my ticket as "yayayayayyayayay")..I told him that it was the concert ticket for Pearl Jam.
His reaction.. "That's old stuff.. My dad is in to PJ" In my defense I retorted .."They are the best .. Good music.." He said.. "Yeah they have some good clean s**t.. but still old.. I thought you were 25 or something
but you like old stuff".. I was clueless I realized that I was talking to a 21 year old. There was no point making him understand anything!  ....
I did correct him though.. "I will always be 25 no matter what.. Who likes to listen to the old stuff..."

I was telling my friend about this and both of us were discussing that how we don't understand the youngsters anymore. May be I am growing old before my time..!

***We don't understand their language. The slang's they use. Someone I know (5-6 years younger than me). recently told me about this BYOB parties.. I couldn't figure it out for long and then she said.. "Bring Your Own Booze Party Duh..". I cannot imagine something like this with my friend circle.
*** Their music is mostly noise to me..I don't like these "In" Singers.. I am happily stuck in my old music...
*** The hairstyles.. I don't know of late all these young 20ish somethings have this thing for the weird hairstyles (esp guys here).. With hair all over the face.. Whatever happened to the good, clean hairstyles..
*** Their capacity to party all night.. I am actually kind of jealous because there was a time when I could party till wee hours in the morning without getting tired at all.
Present 2012 - I can barely make it till 1 with yawning like a monster in between. Earlier there was no cut off time with friends. There were never any mental to-do lists running at the back of my mind and now the moment my watch strikes 11.. I think about all the pending tasks and I think about my bed and a hot cup of milk and watching a couple of episodes before hitting the bed..! Reading a good book!!
*** Earlier I used to look forward to the Friday/Saturday nights for a simple reason .. Partying .. Where/With whom /what time..
Now I really look forward to the Friday/Saturday nights for ...Baking / watching movies and drinking wine/ having a quite dinner with friends..

Oh god, This list is never ending.. I am not going to list down anymore reasons.. I am actually feeling quite old jotting down these points.. !
Well like I said.. I am growing old ..(Before my time..).

P.S: The song is by Frank Sinatra..
So what if I am growing old before my time.. I am still young at heart and will always be..!!
Beautiful song.. Very Frank style.. I think this was his comeback song..!

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you if you're young at heart
For it's hard, you will find
To be narrow of mind if you're young at heart

You can go to extremes with impossible schemes
You can laugh when your dreams fall apart at the seams
And life gets more exciting with each passing day
And love is either in your heart or on it's way

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