Sunday, June 24, 2012

~~~Unthought Known~~~

A lovely Sunday morning!The day started with some bang. A German friend of mine was gifted a Waffle iron by her mother.
She didn't know what to do with it. Any guesses who pitched in? Of course me, these fancy kitchen things attract me. So today morning I woke up and invited my friend over for Breakfast.
I made the vanilla Sauce and the Chocolate sauce and yeah also caramelized the bananas .. It turned out to be pretty decent. My friend was happy , I was happy and her mother was also happy :). The fact that everything was home made( except for the fruits) made it even more special.

The day started on a good note. I hope it only gets better and better.
I am not yet done here.So read on in case you are not bored..

Last week I changed my wallet. I had this beautiful wallet which I bought a couple of years ago and used it for good 8-10 months. I was bored of the current one. So I decided to go back to the beautiful one.
I started cleaning the beautiful one out .Women's wallets are nothing like Men's wallets. Ours are bigger and we try to carry our world with us wherever we go. ( at least that's what I do). Mine has 14 compartments.
I started taking the stuff out one by one. I am really not that systematic and organized. Every time I go back to carrying an old purse I just stuff it with my new "world" and the old "world" stays there as it is ( Unless something is huge, big and ugly). This time I was simply bored!

It is so funny , I relived my whole 2010 and a part of 2011 through that wallet (Feels like a loong time ago..). It had some Indian Currency notes ( 1 and 2 rupee crisp notes. You know they are hard to find in India with the introduction of coins).These notes were my lucky charm. I had quite a lot of Passport Sized photos (I am looking so ugly in all of them).I had some old expired credit cards along with those loyalty / customer cards, my extravagant grocery lists (all useless).Some dinner bills and the moment I saw the name of the restaurant I remembered the horrible Dal -Makhni I had there. I make it 100 times better at home with 25% of the cost ( I am in the wrong business *Sigh*).

Apart from all these stupid daily things there were two other things:
*There was a business card and for a long time I was wondering how it landed in my wallet.Frankly I am not a business card keeper. The moment I get one I immediately note down the email ID, phone number (the relevant details) and then throw it away instinctively. I am normally forgetful but this time the story behind the card came back to me eventually crystal clear.I still haven't thrown it I have kept it as a return gift:). It is really nice to stumble on to such things unexpectedly and they take you down the memory lane.

*I also had two separate pieces of paper with scribbling on it.. I always wanted to write stories..I don't write stories well. I did try but never finished any of them.
I remembered writing these stories a long time back on one of the flights.I get bored very easily on the flights. I have an attention span of a 2 year old.I like to stay occupied when I am travelling. This is the reason why I love car rides to flights.I can do so much when I am in the car. If there was ever a competition for the best front seat passenger.. I would be crowned with the Miss Universe title (No Kidding!).

Anyway coming back to the story..I never got around to finishing it and It is still raw.I completely forgot about it. I did read it a couple of times after writing this and wanted to add more things but something stopped me..Here it is:
Page 1 - Story 1:

"The day she saw him she wanted to talk to him. What attracted her the most was "I don't give a damn" written all over his face. Like a little child she showed him to her closest friends to survey their opinion on him.He was a mysterious character. He was never interested in putting himself out there.Office for him was only about work.She knew very little about him. She saw him on and off in the office and this always bothered her. Later over coffee one day she got to know that he was always working from different locations. There was a time when he stopped travelling and she started looking forward to seeing him regularly.

It wasn't a childhood crush, it wasn't love.She was not young to have crushes and She was too old to fall for love at first sight. It was just something different.The thought of dating him didn't even occur to her until very late.She wanted simple things. She wanted to know if he knew of her existence or if he could recognize her in a group of 10 girls. May be it was a childhood crush after all.She was observant around him. Soaking in every tiny detail. He was always quick with his lunch. He liked drinking coffee a lot. He was polite while talking to the others and his gaze always direct.

She shivered the first time she talked to him. She ate most of her words. She thought that was it. He must have thought of her as a dumb girl and would never talk to her again. She was proved wrong and she didn't complain..."

I just posted my first UNFINISHED story. I just posted it the way I wrote it on the paper ( Scanning the paper would have been a better Idea but my handwriting is too damn pathetic).I hope you are still awake and reading this blog post.I will not put you through the torture of reading the second one. Let it be for Another Day, Another Time. My friend who claims to know me inside out thinks that this story is one of the chapters from my life. Hopefully I will finish this story someday.
I think the post is too long and I have already lost your attention by now.

Stay around...!
P.S: The song is by Pearl Jam.
I can get drunk on Eddie's voice. Why this song...? Unthought known represent those experiences in some way known to the individual ( at the back of his mind), they have always been there in front of us but we never thought of them.No particular reason for putting this song as the title.I have just had a realization of sorts a few days ago.It was hard to take it , It was difficult but I have made my peace with it.I was feeling so stupid for not realizing it earlier ( No Details..Not now.. Someday!!)It is a beautiful song..and very true, I am posting the entire song.
All the thoughts you never see
You are always thinking
Brain is wide, brain is deep
Oh are you sinking?

Feel the path of everyday
Which road you taking?
Breathing hard, making hay
Yeah this is living

Look for love and evidence
That you're worth keeping
Swallowed whole in negatives
It's so sad and sickening

Feel the air up above
Full of blue sky
Fill the air up with love
Black with starlight

Feel the sky blanket you
With with gems and rhinestones
Feel the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on (x2)

Nothing left
Nothing left
Nothing there
Nothing left (3x)

See the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on
See the waves on distant shores
Waiting your arrival

Dream the dreams of other men
You'll be no one's rival
Dream the dreams of others then
You will be no one's rival (2x)

Distant time, distant space
That's where we're living
A distant time, a distant place
So what are you giving?


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  2. Even I was about to ask you, regarding the story, is this a part from your life story? :)

  3. @Tanny : Well You know me better than that. I don't think you even need to ask these silly questions :)